Week 4 Challenge: Reach out to someone

Hope your week has been to a great start! :ear_of_rice:

Your 4th weekly challenge is to:
Reach out to someone who have always wanted to, but never got the chance to

This person could be a friend, a family member, or anyone whom you have been meaning to talk to for a long time :relieved:

How did the interaction go? Who is this person to you?

For me, I finally talked to @Myna - we lost contact after he accidentally mistook me as a worm and tried swallowing me alive :0 but it was nice catching up again with him again! :bird:


For me, I reach out to an old friend from secondary school. I haven’t seen them for months. The interaction at first was really awkward because we didn’t know what to talk about. But after a while, we went back our usual flow of conversation. After our interaction, I realise how much I miss them and our conversations together. I didn’t regret reaching out to them.


Good evening. I reached out to my old tuition teacher during my levels day. I gave her a phone call, and it was beautiful, Just catching up on things happening in our lives. We decided to organize a meetup soon with my old tuition mates. I must say the phone call today was the highlight of this week:)


this happened a few weeks ago, but I finally got to meet my childhood friend of 15 years! it’s the type of low-maintenance friendship where we only meet once every year, but im so glad i met her IRL again. i feel like ive watched her grow up + she watched me do the same. And she’s one of those friends who would always be accepting no matter how I changed, and i appreciate that so much. It felt super grounding being in her presence again, and part of me was super sad when we were about to part, which rarely happens! :heart:


For me, I had reached out to my best friend in primary school that I have not seen for years. We haven’t talk since I had moved to the North (used to stay in the East) and it was very awkward but soon, it was meaningful as we talk about how was life for the past few years and able to talk about the memories we have built in the past. I feel very motivated and happy that I was able to meet him, and it really made my worst week the best week, and I hope that our friendship will be closer.

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For me, I have talked to a friend that I have not met for a few years, she is my primary school friend. Surprisingly we didn’t feel any awkwardness when we are chatting, we are having low maintenance friendship and I like this kind of friendship (after many years didn’t meet but still stay as the same).

I reached out to a friend in Secondary School that I have not interacted with for a year now. It was great to know how things have changed and how much they’ve grown as an individual too.