Week 3 Challenge: Cross the hardest thing off your to-do list

coo coo !

Myna here :bird:. The challenge for you this week is to cross the hardest thing off your to-do list!

For me, I finally managed to find enough worms for the week, and im happy about that :relieved:

What was it, and was it challenging getting through it?
How does it feel now that you’re done with that?

Here’s also a problem-solving exercise that you can access to you manage your emotions and work towards a solution.


Trying to complete this tough reading before my teaching session tomorrow. It will take roughly 3 hours to complete the reading. Wish me luck!


everything is hard to do when you are tired


I had a difficult time completing one of my essays because I kept procrastinating on it. I was afraid of the quality of my essay and ended up avoiding the essay all together. After I managed to complete it, I felt really relieved and happy.


Trouble studying because of adhd, managed to study a little by listening to podcast


I managed to survive the peer supporter training today :smile: I wasn’t feeling the best but I’m glad I finished it!


I finally finished the book I’ve always wanted to finish for the longest time, and i finally found the joy in reading again : ) it feels nice being immersed in a novel again, i feel like with school and daily stressors it’s super easy to push reading aside. i’m glad i finally got back into reading, i just picked up another book, and hopefully i can finish it by this week as well :cherry_blossom:

(btw i highly recommend the book i just finished reading! It’s called Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It’s a novel mainly written in the perspective of a Nigerian woman who immigrates to America, her struggles with racial identity + the nuances between an American Black vs a Non-American Black. If you’re interested in racial relations + social structures, this is defo a book for you!)


very proud of u!! i understand so much what it is like to feel that way, especially with schoolwork. proud of u :slight_smile:

finally got around to doing my assignments that are to be submitted this week! it was quite challenging because i just have been procrastinating and doing nothing else but consume media :skull: i’m proud of myself now that i’m done with it

Sounds like the moral of the story here is

Get enough rest

Because of lots of work at school I wasn’t able to spend time on myself finally I managed time for myself and completed a drawing that I wanted to draw for a long time

Done finished reading 1 book within a week as normally I am packed with school work etc.

I managed to survive through the tough week in school as the whole 5 days, I have continuous assessment for my modules and filled with CCA, in which I felt satisfied that I managed to complete all the task I needed to achieve the goal and keeping myself motivated despite feeling lethargic and lack of sleep. It was challenging because I had to keep my time management in check to ensure that I did not procrastinate and trying to persevere when the only thing I want to do is watching Netflix and relax, which I did not. I feel more motivated and willing to work hard because I would want to do well at the end of day and it filled me with happiness when I achieve small goals such as completing minor tasks along the way!

I finished the week of practicum that I’ve been absolutely DREADING. Having to jump between being a trustworthy person to children in preschools and also my own responsibilities in school for CCA has been really tough and I feel really tired but I’m glad I’m done with it! :slight_smile:
I have lots of nursery songs for sleeping and dancing if anyone wants it! :slight_smile: Always welcomed to ask for them! <3

Have an enjoyable week everyone, all the best!

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Submitting my work within the short deadline.However, once I complete it I felt more relief as it helps avoid me for being procrastination and lesser to worry about.

Completing a long dread assignment. I have been procrastinating for the longest time as I knew the processs is going to be a daunting one. I finally checked it off the list when the due date of the assignment was nearing.

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