December Weekly Challenge #3: Engage in a conversation with someone new

I think we can all agree that hanging out with the people we are comfortable with almost always feels extremely easy. However, by keeping to our comfort zone and not putting a conscious effort to engage with people we don’t already know, we might be limiting our perspectives/ views.

This week, try to engage in a conversation with someone new :speaking_head:- it does not have to be a long conversation, nor does this person have to be from your school/ workplace. They could be the person manning the pop-up store that you bought something from, or a mutual friend that you’ve seen around before!

Who did you talk to this week, and what did you guys talk about? How did the interaction go? :speech_balloon:

Here are also some tips on how you can try making friends as a youth/ adult! :dancing_women: :dancing_men:

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I think the World Cup fever helped to kickstart many conversations for me this week. First question to anyone:

Did you watch the match yesterday?

Felt good to instantly connect over a common interest even if that interest will not last forever. :sweat_smile: