October Weekly Challenge #4: Write an encouraging note to a friend!

Do you have a friend/ loved one who could use some kind words and encouragement? If so, a note of encouragement could be a simple, yet beautiful gift! :innocent:

Today, take a minute to write a short note of encouragement to your friend/ loved one. It could just be a few words written on a post-it note, or the back of a receipt. Or it could even be a doodle - express yourself the way you want to! :memo: :love_letter:

Who did you write this note to, and how did the person react when they received it? Share the moment in the thread below!

Love Writing GIFs | Tenor


My fiancé’s sister was diagnosed with advanced cancer recently. She was due for a surgery last week. I created an e-card using a photo of a full rainbow I saw in England to send some words of encouragement before her surgery.