Parents won't approve my relationship

Hello anyone. I need advice on my new relationship. We have different tradition and religion, he also younger and earn less than me. For obvious reasons my parents won’t approve our relationship, and now I’m very sad because I love him so much. Should I follow my parents or follow my heart? Please help.


Hello @lazyrose :wave:

Thanks for sharing your story! I’m sure not it’s not an easy yes-no answer to your question. If I were you, I’ll probably follow my heart but I guess it also depends on how confident I am about this guy.

How long have y’all known each other for?

Hello @lazyrose! Balancing different aspects of a relationship, such as tradition, religion, age, and income differences, can be complex. Ultimately, the decision between following your parents’ expectations and following your heart is a deeply personal one. Reflect on your own values, priorities, and the importance of your relationship. Open communication with your partner is crucial; discuss your concerns and aspirations together. While parental approval matters, finding a compromise that respects your happiness and familial considerations is key. Consider seeking advice from trusted friends, family members, or even a relationship counselor to gain different perspectives and insights that may aid in making a well-informed decision. Best wishes, :orange_heart: