People call me crazy

I’m very irritated internally when I heard people call me crazy including my best friend when they’re seeing what I’m thinking is different to them but during like dat time I felt low energy, evaluating to myself and now I want to verify it here. Ive a lot of fan on some social platforms but recently what I’m saying was interpreting the wrong way and started call me as mad even though I’ve my own purpose of what I’m saying is. Because of their bad comments I feel down . Please help me out


Hey @anonymous142 I don’t think its right for people to use these terms and I can see why it feels bad especially when its your best friend. :people_hugging:

May we have some context as to what happened if you are willing to share ?


You’re not alone. I’ll be irritated too if people call me crazy. Is this the first time you’re facing this issue? It doesn’t feel good to be misunderstood - have you tried asking your friends why they’re calling you mad/crazy?

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I heard it quite often from people around me since university 10 years ago but I think they don’t know me well and never trying to ask explanations from my sides when I’m doing something different, if they don’t agree with me then they just spontaneously assumed I’m doing it because I’m crazy or outta mind or plugged off like dat. Btw the bad things about me is that I’m strongly stand up for my sides, or words (like stubborn) because I know what I’m doing is and it’s right but not always i welcome other people opinions and respect it. But I don’t know why everyone think of me mad when doing something new or whatever . I hate hearing it.

Yesterday I told my friends that I don’t want to serve National services back in my own country ( which no one want actually rn) then I just joked him that I’m going to act crazy online so I’m eligible upon calling up, but I got mad when I’m hearing he said, you don’t need to act it, you’re crazy already . Why he think so? I’m just joking it. But I got so mad for a while internally but every conversation we had outside went well.

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Did he mean in a joking way too? Maybe he knew that you were joking about acting crazy too.

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I’m not sure his intentions but I’m sure the tone goes up strong a bit

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Hello @anonymous142,

Thanks for coming on here to share about your struggles. I can see how being perceived as ‘crazy/mad’ by people close to you affecting your mood - I want you to know that what you feel is valid given the situation you’re in.

I think in this day and age, those terms should not be used in a manner that is not helpful or accurate towards anyone. :pensive: I’m also curious to the context of the conversations you had with your best friend and on your socials - has this happened before? I’d like to listen if you don’t mind sharing.

It feels like the situation could be different if the other party could sorta understand instead of assuming about your thoughts - it’s as though there was a dissonance between what they expect you to be and how you actually are; and perhaps they’re trying to figure out how to explain this to themselves.

I think that friendships are important to you as you value connection. Since there’s a break in this connection, you’re feeling down as you probably feel hurt, but I think you have the self-awareness to want to do something about it. To help with the distress, you can try to:
• Be kind to yourself
• Shift (to a more helpful) perspective

And maybe consider sharing your thoughts with these people important to you in an open communication. This can happen when everyone’s not in a hurry or distracted to enable them to hear your thoughts using I statements: I think/feelbecauseand I would prefer that (what you would like to see happen instead). This way, you can get your concerns across and in a manner that your friends can listen and understand clearly. Also, if you feel like seeking out support, there are professionals that can work with you in a setting that is non-judgmental and safe like Family Service Centres.

Remember that you deserve and can get the necessary support you need. Hope to hear from you again, till then take care! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @anonymous142! I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling down due to negative comments and the perception of others. It’s understandably distressing when people misinterpret or label your thoughts as “crazy,” especially when it affects your well-being. It’s important to recognize that individuals may perceive things differently based on their perspectives, and their comments don’t necessarily reflect the validity of your thoughts or intentions.

Consider discussing your feelings with your best friend or trusted individuals who may offer support and understanding. It might be helpful to communicate your perspective. Focusing on the positive support from your fans on social platforms might help counteract the negative comments too. Remember that staying true to yourself and seeking support from those who appreciate your perspective is crucial. If the negativity continues to impact your mental health, consider limiting exposure to such comments and seeking guidance from friends, family, or a mental health professional. Take care, :orange_heart:


Thanks you and noted I’d be just more true to myself. I know it I would feel so much better when I don’t read the comments but I know that the positive reaction from my fan is a thousand times more than negative comments. Thanks again