Purpose in Life

Does everyone know their purpose in life?

I’ve never felt that way at all. I have always lived my life focusing on academics for example, in primary school, the milestone to reach was secondary school and then poly/jc and then uni
Being in uni now and 2 years to grad, sometimes i think if my life will just be work, retire and then death at the end of my life
I’m someone who has never had a relationship and feel perhaps I will never be with someone - so then what is there to aim for in life?
I am not religious as well and have no dream job or something that I love doing with a burning passion to call my purpose in life.
What do you guys think? Do you have a purpose and what drives you to live everyday?


Honestly I think many of us haven’t figured it out yet, and even when we think we have it figured out, it changes based on our life stages.

For eg, I was really looking forward to being a scientist when I was in primary school, a professional basketball player in secondary school, an internet entrepreneur in poly and in uni / work, I just want to work on stuff that makes me happy.

The upside of having burning passion is that it drives you to do stuff but you also get burn out when you fail. Whereas in your case, it seems very stoic to me so you can kinda calibrate your own expectations of what you want in life.

I’d say just take things at your own pace. Try to find what makes you happy (even if it’s not happiest). Not easy to find things that are on the extreme end so if you find something that makes you happy, do that first and life will sort itself out.


Agreed with @Jaws I like to use the example of how the most efficient micromice are trained to find the end of the maze. The first few runs are almost always trail and error bumbling around till they find the right path to the goal :mouse:

So I guess just like life the first few times we will go back and forth in all sorts of directions in an attempt to find what we want heh no worries if you havent found it yet just keep exploring and you’ll find it :slight_smile:

Also side note for those wondering micromice is not a really tiny mouse HAHA its this thing here: