Quick Game: This or That - What's your Ideal Partner Like? 🤔

Hola everyone!

Did you know - our relationships (especially with our partners!) have a huge impact on our mental health! Our mental health gets affected easily by the connections that we have with others - that’s because Humans are all wired for relationships!

Let’s have some fun exploring the “perfect” match with a “This or That” quiz all about our ideal partners! Just to add in some fun, let’s share our preferences by choosing between the options or throw in your own unique twist!

Let’s get started:

  1. Sense of Humor:
  • A. Witty and sarcastic
  • B. Lighthearted and goofy
  1. Shared Interests:
  • A. Adventurous outdoor activities
  • B. Cozy indoor movie nights
  1. Communication Style:
  • A. Deep, meaningful conversations
  • B. Playful banter and inside jokes
  1. Deal-Breaker:
  • A. Lack of ambition
  • B. Incompatibility in values
  1. Expression of Love:
  • A. Thoughtful gestures and surprises
  • B. Verbal affirmations and open communication
  1. Growth and Support:
  • A. Mutual encouragement for personal growth
  • B. A strong, unwavering support system

Feel free to add your own “This or That” scenarios or share a quick anecdote about why you chose a particular option. Let’s celebrate the uniqueness of our ideal partner visions and have some light-hearted discussions! :rainbow::sparkling_heart:

Excited to see everyone’s responses!


Hello @cottonsoul

Thanks for starting this topic, I agree as well that our relationships with our partner have a huge impact on our mental health. :yellow_heart: Hence, its definitely important to know ourselves and our preferences better before getting into one. Anyways, here’s my preference below:

  1. Sense of Humor:
    B. Lighthearted and goofy
    I personally tend to take things (too) seriously, so its nice to have a partner who can take things lightly and balance me out!

  2. Shared Interests:
    B. Cozy indoor movie nights
    Just cause I’m slowly evolving into a millennial who is ready for bed by 9pm. :see_no_evil:

  3. Communication Style:
    Both A & B would be best, but being able to have A. Deep, meaningful conversations with my partner is very important to me. I’d like to understand what are things that are important to my partner, their values and principles

  4. Deal-Breaker:
    Definitely B. Incompatibility in values. My goal is to achieve self-sufficiency on my own thus its not that important for my partner to be ambitious. However, incompatibility in values would break a relationship since both parties can’t compromise. && personally I don’t think anyone should compromise their personal values just to be with someone. :grimacing:

  5. Expression of Love:
    B. Verbal affirmations and open communication
    The most important trait that I look for in a partner is empathy! This would come a long way when things are hard and would determine if both parties can be kind to each other and have healthy, open communication.

  6. Growth and Support:
    A. Mutual encouragement for personal growth
    More often than not, we’re each on our own separate paths for growth. It would be an ideal relationship if both parties can recognise that and give each other encouragement when things are hard :smiling_face_with_tear: