sense of self

hi! i’m new to this platform but i also wanted to share that i’m having a hard time because i lack a sense of self and i needed some advice on how i can show up as my authentic self :broken_heart:

Welcome here @melissallw, I am glad that you feel safe to share your thoughts openly and I hope this will be a helpful platform for you. It sounds like you are feeling a little lost as you struggle with finding your self and presenting your true self to people.

We can start with discussing yourself as a person first. Perhaps you can think about what your values and beliefs are, consider your priorities (what matters the most), and how these developed over the years. Usually, our past experiences and culture shape who we are as a person; and these serve as guiding principles in our decision-making processes and our identity.

Perhaps you can take some time to reflect on what are some concerns you feel strongly about, what guiding principles you used when making decisions. You may also consider asking people around you about they think of you as a person. Or you can try asking yourself this question: “How would my friend (specific person) describe me?”.

Let’s also discuss your concern about showing up as your true self. Sometimes, the fear of rejection or social norms can impose certain expectations and make people conform to those standards instead of expressing themselves in the way they want. You might want to ask yourself what is holding you back from being authentic with people. Are there any negative past experiences you experienced that kept you from showing your authentic self, to avoid getting hurt?

I hope this is helpful, do keep us updated! Take care.

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