September Weekly Challenge #3: Get more sleep!

Many of us procrastinate sleep- thinking we can do more work before ending the day, or by scrolling through our Instagram/ TikTok feeds (we’ve all been there :wink:)

If you’re not already getting sufficient sleep, your challenge for this week would be to go to bed 30 mins earlier every day. :sleeping:

Does doing this help you to feel more refreshed in the morning? What do you normally do before sleeping? Moving forward, how can you make simple adjustments to your habits so that you would have a better sleeping schedule for yourself? :thought_balloon:

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I usually go to bed at around 11pm if there is work the next day. But, if it’s the weekend the next day, I usually stay up late as late as 1am (that’s very late for me considering my body cannot tolerate it).

Currently, I’m taking a break. As a result, I was going to bed extremely late (as late as 2.30am the next day). It’s extremely bad for my health, I understand. But, I just wanna watch one more video. One more video on YouTube on hilarious topics such as animal compilations or programs hosted by Steve Harvey. Over time, I felt the changes. Deeper eyebags, less focus, and more giddy spells. So, I told myself that I can’t go on like this.

So, I decided to sleep earlier by 30 minutes. I succeeded. I went to bed at around 12.30am. I lay there. And stared at the ceiling. Trying to sleep. But I can’t. All I could think of was how cute a Siberian Husky is and how beautiful Steve Harvey’s moustache is. “Not good. My body is not used to this.”, was what I thought after multiple attempts. Eventually, I sleep an hour later almost everyday… Worst of all, I felt extreme tiredness even after I slept for around 12 hours. My mealtimes are affected as well. I ate breakfast and lunch together, dinner, and sometimes tea break or supper which I didn’t have previously.

Now, I am still going to bed at 12am. However, I aim to go to bed by 11.30 pm and I’m currently still trying to readjust my current lifestyle. I realized that perhaphs, the videos I am watching are too long which results in going to bed late. Hence, I now seek videos that are shorter in length (15 minutes) to ensure that I would rest early for the night.

EVERYONE, SLEEP IS VERY IMPORTANT SO PLEASE SLEEP EARLY. I believe that some of you can relate to me. For those who can’t. Good. Please do not fall in my footsteps and sleep as early as possible. Sleeping is good for your concentration, productivity, and most importantly, BEAUTY! :innocent:

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