Should you regret something you used to loved doing for a few years but can no longer being able to do anymore because you have found other things to do?

I used to do mechanical engineering for 2 years back in secondary school(I was from a specialised school) and would’ve had continue doing it in ite but I didn’t because some of my ite ex classmates were mean to me and I felt like a burden to the nice ones so I didn’t always come to college(Attendance issues has always present in all of my schooling years) so I got kicked out from college(2021)I regrets it then but I tried denying reality and make myself believe I didn’t regret it but since last year(2022)where I get to really process all that I’ve been through from kindergarten to secondary school/ite, I’ve been regretting this mistake so much, I still do now even though I have a new dream to chase now(I still don’t know how to chase it tho because I’ve been stuck at home for almost 3 years now no job and not doing anything about it, well I did try ways to get to my new dream but I always gave up on trying and I only do house chores, talk to my family, take care of my sister’s kids and rarely went out myself or with my family) but I still feel regretful that I didn’t continue my engineering education because the younger me and a part of me still really love engineering even though I try denying it and said I hate it but in reality I really love it but i just give it up just like that because of some mean classmates. I know I shouldn’t regret it because it was the only best solution my past self can think of, though I know I can try again but I really can’t help but regret it

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Hey @Wira !

Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts, I really appreciate the vulnerability :slight_smile:

I can hear that you’re carrying a lot of emotions and reflections on your past experiences, and that’s completely valid. It sounds like the challenges you faced with your classmates in college had a significant impact on your path, and it’s understandable that those memories are still affecting you. It takes courage to open up about these feelings, and I want to acknowledge the strength it takes to confront and process them.

Regret can be a heavy burden, but I want you to remember that everyone makes decisions based on the information and circumstances they have at the time. Your choice to step away from engineering was a decision you made to work around a challenging situation. It’s also clear that your passion for engineering still lingers within you, and that’s a powerful realization!

It’s never too late to explore your dreams and pursue what you’re truly passionate about. It took me years before I finally found out what I really enjoyed and was passionate about too. And (fun fact!) I was actually from engineering too! I did a whole diploma course (3 full years) on engineering but I didn’t pursue it - but was it a waste? Not at all. Although I don’t remember what I learned (haha) I still had wonderful memories with my friends at that time. Nothing is a waste if you don’t let it become a waste :wink:

Your new dream is a great step forward, and while it may feel overwhelming, taking small, consistent actions can help you move in the direction you want! It’s okay to acknowledge the regret while also recognizing the potential for growth and new opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with feeling regretful, and it’s completely normal to feel regretful too. I encourage you to embrace that sense of regret and use it to fuel you forward, instead of holding you back :slight_smile:

If you ever want to discuss your new dream, ways to approach it, or simply share your thoughts and feelings, I’m here to listen and support you. You have the strength to navigate these emotions and carve out a path that aligns with your true passions!

Hear from you soon !

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@cottonsoul Hi thank you for replying to me and also thank you for your words that made me realized that not all paths people have gone through or prepared for it for years has to be their true passion, one that they have to love and do for their whole life because life is always changing, so do its inhabitants and their ways of living so therefore I shouldn’t see my old paths/experiences as something to be regretful but as fond chapters in my life and a journey to other paths that has found its way to me plus I can always try engineering again or I can try hobbies that has the elements of engineering in it so that I will not be so regretful and feel wasted that I left engineering

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