Stressed from school work and CCAs

What can I do to relieve my stress?

Hi @user210 , Thank you for the question! Apologise for getting to this so late.

There are many people who are thinking of the same thing too!

A few ways to tackle your stress:

  • First, what are your feelings and thinking towards those activities you are engaged in? Self awareness of the motivation behind those are important. I believe some times we have to do things that we dont really like, but out of necessity. It will then be important to reframe our thoughts surrounding it. What are the positive elements and learnings that could be derived from it?

  • Second, always sufficient block time for self-care! Re-energizing self is very important. What activities do you like to engage in? If you are a more sociable person, maybe hanging out with friends help. If you prefer some quiet time, maybe hanging out in a cafe with a cup of coffee works well too.

  • Third, time management and prioritisation. These are some techniques commonly used to keep things under your control and not let it spin out of control.

Hope these pointers help!


Hi @user210, I’m extremely sorry for the extremely late reply. I strongly agree with what @JimmyJim has mentioned about helping to tackle stress. There are many who are finding the most suitable method for them to relieve stress as not all strategies work for everyone. I find time management a crucial factor in one’s high-stress level. So, I would like to share with you one of the strategies that I hope will be useful for you:


This is The Eisenhower Box. It is a productivity strategy (task management tool) used to help prioritize and manage your time wisely. For everything that you need to do, put it in the box according to how urgent and important the task is. Follow the box and work on the task accordingly. Start completing your work according to:

  1. Urgent and Important
  2. Not Urgent and Important
  3. Urgent and Not Important
  4. Urgent and Important

I hope that it will help you to prioritize your work and help you to better manage your time. :grin:

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