school life taking a toll

the amount of projects and assignments in school has taken a toll on me, and I cant seem to have a good balance between school life and out of school life. I find that school projects and assignments has taken alot of my time in each week, and I cant find that much time to relax, go out with my friends, or visit relatives. Any tips or suggestions?

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Hi Ethannn, thank you for reaching out.

Sounds like you are feeling very overwhelmed trying to balance your school work and finding time to connect with friends and family.

Often when we have too many tasks on hand we can become anxious, which in turn makes the situation worse as anxiety will cloud our thought process. One way is to find a time to relax yourself when you feel overwhelmed or stress and anxious. Guided breathing exercises can be a quick and effective way to help you do so - you can try the breathing exercises in this link to help you relax.

Thinking about doing everything you need to do all at once can also be overwhelming. Try breaking it down to smaller tasks so that it’s more manageable. You can prioritise and manage your time and school work- Usually when we make a conscious effort to sit down and plan, we actually find that we have more time than we think and this will allow you to have more time to connect socially and have some fun. I attach a resource which you can try to use to help you organise your tasks. Mental Support & Wellbeing Resources in Singapore to Improve Workplace Mental Health |

Hope this helps!

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