Tips on Imposter Syndrome

Hey there!

How has everyone been? I wanted to share (and ask) about this common feeling that we might have experienced, especially when we have just started working and going through the 9-5 grind - some days when we look at our jobs, our colleagues and even the places that we’re at, we may wonder “How did I even…?”

That feeling is the infamous “Imposter Syndrome” feeling!

Imposter Syndrome is that sneaky feeling that makes you doubt your accomplishments, skills, or even your place in a particular setting. It’s like feeling you’re just pretending to be competent, while deep down, you’re worried you’ll be exposed as a “fraud.”

Now, here are a couple of questions I’d love to hear your thoughts on:

  1. Have you ever felt like you don’t truly belong or deserve the successes you’ve achieved? For instance, acing an exam or landing a cool opportunity, but still thinking, “I just got lucky” or “They made a mistake.”

  2. What do you do to combat Imposter Syndrome? It’s something many of us experience, especially when navigating school, work, or personal goals. Do you have any tips or strategies for overcoming these self-doubts and feeling more confident in your abilities?

Let’s discuss and share our experiences. Remember, Imposter Syndrome doesn’t discriminate, and it’s something we can work through together.

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