Feeling anxious with new job and master program

Hi, I really need a boost. I’m 35 and will be starting a new job plus studying master programme. I feel so anxious. The irony is I’ve failed the master selection 4 times now when I manage to get into I feel so scared like I’m an impostor. I’m scared I can’t manage the studies and end up failing. I am also scared of not being up to standard or look stupid. I have impostor syndrome. Please give advice to me.


Hey @Aana first of all congrats for getting into the program its definitely not easy if you had to try a few times :relieved:

Hmm yes balancing work and studies is never easy but I think with a proper structure and dicipline it can be managable :+1:

Perhaps you can try planning out a time table to have a rough idea to see if you can really manage it ? Doing things which can help you visualise what you might be going thru might help heh

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everyone goes through life experiencing imposter syndrome. im serious. anyone who denies it is lying to himself.

twenty years from now, at age 55, you are going to be incredibly proud of the fact that you have given your best and did not give up the fight.

many of us would have given up after one or two tries. but you girl, you stuck to your dream and succeeded!

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Hello @Aana, congrats on getting into the program - it’s not easy and kudos for being so resilient.

Maybe can go back to your roots and remind yourself why you applied for the masters program? That can help to keep you grounded on your intentions and hopefully keep you going.

It’s also completely normal to worry about managing your studies (especially juggling a masters program and a new job) - I’ve been through this journey so I understand. I think what’s helpful is to manage expectations, I had very little expectations (just wanted to pass) haha so I think I knew how much effort to put in and reserve some energy for other aspects of life.

Is ok u tried your best that is what that matters

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Thank you for the replies. It helped me somewhat. Somehow I felt like I’m too old for this journey. My uni batchmates already finished their master study long ago and some already started with their PhDs. I am a good student previously. So whenever I am embarking in academic life I started to become kiasu like I have to have perfect scores and be the best student. It put really a huge pressure on me. On top of that I have to stay on top of my game in office. I’m so scared of being left behind that I tend to do most work. It takes a great toll on my mental and physical health. I was sick most of the year last year and now I am scheduling a minor surgery just before my master enrollment. :pleading_face:


I totally get what you mean. Especially if you’re the one paying for your masters program, there’s this urge to score really well so that you get the roi. I felt that way too but I told myself that it’s not the only thing in my life so I really needed to prioritize and settle with just passes instead of distinctions haha.

I hope you recover in time! And if you don’t, maybe can see if there are options to defer one or two sems. Usually they allow that for medical reasons

All the best for your surgery and wishing you a speedy recovery :slight_smile: Do come back to update us on how you are coping okay ? :blush:

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my mother used to be a top student when she was young, outperforming her two other younger sisters. however, she’s the one who didn’t make it to university while her sisters did because she married young.

i wish i could tell you that she went back to university after we grew up to be adults because that would have be very inspiring but that isn’t so.

it’s her lifetime regret not being able to attend university.

you, on the other hand, are leading by example of what it means to be a lifelong learner.

do take care of your health. without it, anything else is meaningless. all the best for your surgery :hugs:

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