Undesirable Outcomes, Rejections And Beaten Down.

This week i learned of stories from friends that i know on the internet and social media personalities about the beat down feeling of putting decades of work to a craft and being rejected, shot down or getting undesirable outcomes.

I am no stranger to that. Over the past 2 decades I have had my share of it and feel that its unfair and it doesn’t bear fruit.

It’s frustrating, Depressing and i often get very work out by it.

One metaphor is working out in the gym for the past 6 months without seeing any results so you try harder and all you get is tiredness and frustration.

" Life’s Work " is the apt term to describe putting work into something for decades. To others it might just be - Its just Music, Acting ,Dancing Or Whatever it is etc but to the person that has put in the years of grit its really heart breaking when you have worked for something for so long, Hoping, that you get to taste the fruit of your labour.

But here is the thing. Its not the end when we are faced with rejections or being beaten down. Its to dust ourselves and Move forward. Perhaps try out new things and experiences. I assure you however that there is a few souls that you have touched that wishes you well and that you Never give up or Give In.

Didn’t get that role, recognition or accolate that you have yearned for does mean that it has all gone to ■■■■. There are still people out there that Loves what you do, no matter how small. Do it for these people that adores your Life Work and for yourself.

This is a reminder to myself as well to finish what i started decades ago and have the courage to try new things. And not to be daunted by rejections or unfavourable outcome that may come.

Mano Esperanza @ Muhammad Nur

Signing Out.


Thanks for the encouragement too heh :muscle: Just trust the process and let the improvements and experience compound :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ManoEsperanza for this empowering reminder. It’s a testament to the resilience within us, urging us to rise after setbacks and pursue new experiences. Let’s indeed embrace the courage to finish what we started, explore new paths, and face challenges with unwavering determination. Your words are not only motivational but a call to never give up on our life’s work and, most importantly, on ourselves. All the best for all of us, :muscle::yellow_heart:

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