What apps, forums or websites do u guys use to make new friends in singapore?

Reddit was my way to make new friends but got perma banned for very old things i did. My friends are a low maintenance so its been lonely on weekends and its crashing my mental health

I met lots of my long time friends in my spinning class. I think you need to go out, explore the world, find hobbies you love to do and enjoy your own company first. From there, people will naturally gravitate towards you.

Hello @user1138! Like what @anonymous162 suggested, I think it’s easier to find good company based on hobbies or activities that you enjoy. You can try dating apps like coffee meets bagel or bumble - I know of friends who use these platforms to network and make platonic friends, not just for romantic relationships.

Do you have activities that you enjoy doing in your free time? You could try volunteering as well. There are quite a few volunteering opportunities on the weekends. You can try searching https://www.giving.sg/home to find out more if this is your cup of tea.