What can we do when we feel lonely?

Hello everyone :wave:t2:

Today, I’d like to talk about feeling lonely :pensive:

We are without a doubt, a social species :people_hugging: and we have been shaped by evolution to view social isolation as a threat to survival (and in present context: wellbeing). When we feel isolated or lonely, parts of our brain enters self-preservation mode, which makes us hypervigilant to social threats (e.g., rivalry, ‘unfair’ treatment, unsolicited feedback, ‘unhelpful’ sounding tone of voice, etc.). We unconsciously become distrustful of others and anxious in social situations – and this makes social interaction more difficult, which perpetuates the cycle of loneliness. And that unfortunately makes us miss opportunities to make social connections and we begin to behave in ways that push others away – which perpetuates the cycle of loneliness, again. While it’s OK to feel lonely sometimes, too much can negatively affect our physical and mental health. However, feeling alone and being alone (solitude) is different; solitude can be positive when it’s something you enjoy. :smiley:

So, we can possibly try the below to reduce the effects of feeling lonely:

  • Put down any negatively tinted glasses to view an event as it is
  • Identify self-defeating behaviours to notice the next time you automatically moving towards doing it
  • Take on other’s perspective to get a more balanced view of the situation
  • Deepen emotional bonds to get a stronger sense of belonging and support
  • Create opportunities for social connection to break the cycle of loneliness

I’m curious on what y’all do when you feel lonely - do share the actions you take to break the cycle! :thinking: :mag: :smiley:

And feel free to share any questions that you might have about this too! :slightly_smiling_face: Take care!