What do y’all think about parent-influencers? 🤳

Just saw the TikTok video and article about a mum influencer sharing about her daughter collecting her O’level results.

Do any of y’all have influencer parents and what do you think about the video? :thinking:

Personally I’ve never thought too hard about it? But I see whether it’s a parent or a child influencer it’s quite similar? However, as a parent who should be setting an example for their child I think there’s greater need for them to remember to respect boundaries and not focusing so much on their appearance

My father likes to post a lot on social media and sometimes he does posts things about me without my consent. Sometimes it can feel like our family dynamic is all an act because how he wants to present us in front of the camera and how he acts without it can be different.


I felt like their content was wholesame at first as they were like vlogging their day but it started go out of hand in a sense? There was once the mother shared her son or daughter getting bullied and how she should handle the situation. I felt like in the moment I wouldn’t film my kid in a vulnerable state and show it to the internet.

For the o levels video, I think filming her collecting was okay but the part on her crying and saying she was disappointed shouldn’t be shared and when the mom said I’m also dissapointed was where I think the line should be drawn as your kid is in a vulnerable state and you saying that is not comforting her at all. If I was her kid, I would be even more depressed then before.

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I think social media can strengthen our relationship with parents very well or it can go the other way and worsen our relationship when things go south. We can’t tell if her mother asked her beforehand if she was alright having her reaction recorded or whether she was totally ok with it or hesitant about it, which makes this so hard to comment on. I think it is a good opportunity for parents and children to discuss boundaries and practice setting boundaries healthily.