What Happens In Therapy?!

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Hope you’re all thriving! Today, let’s dive into a topic that often seems shrouded in mystery: Therapy. :couch_and_lamp::sparkles:

What Actually Happens in Therapy?

Contrary to popular belief (haha!), therapy isn’t about lying on a couch while someone scribbles notes. It’s a safe space where you get to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgment. It’s like a mental gym, where you work out your emotional muscles. :man_lifting_weights::massage_woman:

Here’s a peek into what typically goes down:

  1. Introductions and Building Trust: Your first session is all about getting to know your therapist and vice versa. Trust is key, and this is the time to feel each other out.

  2. Setting Goals: You and your therapist collaborate on what you want to achieve. It’s like creating a roadmap for personal growth.

  3. Exploration and Reflection: Sessions often involve discussions about your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Your therapist might gently challenge your perspectives, helping you see things from new angles.

  4. Skills Building: Depending on your goals, therapists often teach practical skills to cope with challenges. Think of it as adding tools to your emotional toolbox.

  5. Homework: Yep, there might be “homework” between sessions—small tasks or reflections to keep the momentum going.

  6. Progress Check: As you continue, you and your therapist regularly review your progress and adjust your goals if needed.

As a therapist, I would like to add that every therapist runs their therapy sessions slightly different. It’s always good to check with the therapist themselves about how the sessions go, and see if you’re comfortable with what they have to offer!

Questions for the community:

  1. What’s one thing you wish you knew before starting therapy?
  2. How has therapy positively impacted your life?

Let’s demystify therapy together! Share your thoughts, experiences, or questions. We’re all ears (or eyes, in this case)! :hugs::speech_balloon:

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Hi @cottonsoul

This is a topic I’m passionate about , I’m currently in class but will input my thoughts when I’m available/ free :slight_smile:

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  1. One thing l wish l knew about before starting therapy is finding the “right therapist” is very important, in fact it makes a huge difference and hence, it’s okay to “shop” around for the right therapist because human relationships are complicated to comprehend and we won’t always find someone that we’ve a good rapport with right away.

  2. It provided me a safe space to talk and work through my issues. I’ve explored and better understand my emotions, brainstorm and develop healthy coping mechanisms and gain better insights about myself. I now have better self-awareness, become more resilient in times of difficulty and this has helped me regain control of my life, I’m living a more enriching, fulfilling and happier life.

@cottonsoul we need more conversations and questions on therapy, thank you :smile:



Throwing the question back to you, what do you hope as a therapist your client would know before approaching therapy. Personally, this is a perspective I’m interested to find out more in.

If there’s any other professional onboard who liked to chip in, feel free to do so.

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