Worrying one thing after another

Hi, so as per the title, I’m always getting myself into situations where I just cannot stop worrying and new ones keep appearing when the worry I’m fixated on disappears. For context, I’ve been experiencing really bad anxiety for the past 2-3 months. It all started when I had a multitude of gastric issues which severely disrupted my sleep (for about a month) and I got really anxious (to the point I was getting anxiety attacks) because I simply couldn’t sleep and was stressing over my performance at school. After that incident, I convinced myself that I had diabetes (yes, I do have health anxiety) due to having certain symptoms. Went to the doctor and everything was fine, but that didn’t end here. Soon after, I noticed that my (TMI warning) periods were becoming irregular and weird. So being the anxious person that I am, I Googled the symptoms and found really distressing results so now I’m really worried (I’m also prone to compulsively Googling symptoms & then self-diagnosing myself). I think I’m on the verge of having an anxiety attack, is there anything I can do? :frowning:


Hey Velvetplummet,
Thanks for sharing about your worries, sorry to hear about what you have been going through. It sounds like you have been dealing with all this for a while now and I imagine it would feel incredibly stressful and draining to be caught up in what feels like a cycle of new worries that keep popping up :slightly_frowning_face: Im also hearing that you are stressing about your performance at school and experiencing anxiety attacks, altogether it does sound like a lot to handle and I can imagine how exhausting that must feel.

Health is an important part of our lives and its totally understandable that you would be worried about your health, especially after experiencing gastric issues, sleep disruptions, and irregular periods. It does sound troubling to think about constantly… How have you been coping? What has helped you calm down when you are anxious? (eg. Watching a favourite show/ movie, going on walks, talking with a friend, hobbies etc.) https://www.mindline.sg/youth/home also has some deep breathing and mindfulness resources that you can check out when you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety :slight_smile:

In a digital age, its almost intuitive to us to Google whatever questions that come to mind and I guess unfortunately health anxiety is no exception… Just want to reassure you that even though it may not feel like it at times, Googling symptoms and self-diagnosing is quite common/normal! I’ve also caught myself consulting Google and self-diagnosing too ahaha but seeking out a relevant healthcare professional is probably the wiser and more reliable option. You are definitely not alone in this and Im here for you if you ever need a listening ear :blush:

It can certainly be challenging to break away from these overwhelming thoughts and be tempted to take them as facts. That being said, your concerns are very valid and its okie to feel this way :slight_smile: Wondering whether you’ve had a chance to speak to a healthcare professional about the irregular periods since?

Feel free to keep us updated along the way!


Hi, thanks for taking the time to read through my post as well as commenting on it! I’ve been really stressed at school (I’m in Year 2 of poly) as I have more content-based modules to study for, which means more assignments and exams. I’ve also found the content to be harder to understand as well…I don’t really experience any anxiety attacks that much as compared to last time, but I’ve had instances in which I feel like they are coming up and it makes me scared as I never like having anxiety attacks :(.

My sleep disruptions have been mostly fixed (I think? With the help of my school counsellor & online resources) though I do find myself waking up in the middle of the night and then not been able to fall asleep from time to time. Doctors weren’t able to find out the cause of my gastric issues but usually medicine can treat it. I do find it distressing as the pain can get so bad at times where I’ve fainted on some occasions because of it. Usually when I feel anxious, I’ve tried doing things I enjoy such as playing games & watching YouTube. Now, I’m trying to incorporate exercises as well. I don’t have a lot of friends either so it’s hard to find someone to confide in & when I do confide in a friend, she usually just gives short answers and doesn’t seem sympathetic at all :(.

Yeah, I’ve tried to seek healthcare professionals to give me peace of mind but sometimes I don’t want to because I feel like it’s a waste of money if doctors don’t find anything wrong with me. Plus, I already don’t know how many times I’ve asked my parents to bring me to the doctor & I feel guilty for doing so. I just don’t know how to manage my health anxiety…

Today, I’ve just spoken to a doctor and they’ve ran some tests on me, but couldn’t find anything wrong. So, I’m already getting an appointment to a specialist and I’ll be seeing them sometime in July. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated :slight_smile: & thanks again for hearing me out!


Hi @Velvetplummet,

Thank you for sharing your current experiences and concerns, I think that you’re really brave and courageous for being so open and authentic about your feelings. It’s clear that you’re going through a challenging time, and I appreciate your effort in discussing your health and emotional well-being.

Indeed, the increased academic demands in Year 2 of poly can be quite overwhelming, and it’s completely normal for students to experience stress and anxiety as a result. It’s a good sign that you’ve noticed improvements in managing your anxiety compared to the past, but it’s understandable that the fear of anxiety attacks still lingers. Anxiety can be distressing, and the fear of it can sometimes exacerbate the symptoms.

I have some activities that you can try here, to help alleviate your anxiety symptoms (I hope these will be helpful!)

I’m also glad to hear that your sleep disruptions have improved with the support of your school counselor and online resources. Adequate sleep is crucial for managing stress and anxiety, so it’s essential to maintain good sleep hygiene practices. To add on, here are some helpful resources for your sleep too:

Also, I’m glad that you’re engaging in activities you enjoy, such as playing games, watching YouTube, and incorporating exercise, all of which are positive ways to cope with anxiety. These activities can help you relax and take your mind off worries.

I highly encourage you to strengthen your support system, and I’m sorry to hear that you don’t feel entirely comfortable confiding in your friends. It can be beneficial to explore additional avenues for support, such as joining clubs or groups that align with your interests, where you may meet like-minded individuals who are more receptive to lending an empathetic ear. This platform is also another alternative for you to express yourself and receive some form of emotional support :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that you’ve taken the initiative to see a specialist in July. It’s essential to follow through with medical appointments to ensure that all potential issues are thoroughly investigated and addressed. Please do keep us updated on your progress, and remember that you’re not alone in this journey :slight_smile:


Hi! Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate the fact that you have provided me resources that can help with anxiety and will definitely try them out whenever I feel it coming on. I’ve tried joining an interest group in poly but I’m also socially anxious so I’m afraid of attending any activities hosted :frowning:. So technically my only outlet for ranting is to either talk it out to my counsellor or just posting here. I recently also went for a follow-up appointment and the doctor said everything was fine and it could be because that I’m still young and stressed during that moment in time. I really appreciate you checking up on me :slight_smile: !


Whatever you do, don’t take the medications. It was the worst mistake of my life. I ended up with brain damage from the anti-anxiety medication.

Omg really? What happened? :worried: