I feel worried

Hi, recently I’ve just started school and school work and also school life have been pretty tiring. The subject of this post might not seem like much but I’ve been asking myself whether it’s part of a larger problem. Is it normal to keep feeling like checking my phone and notifications whenever I feel the urge to? To feel antsy and stressed about little things, and to always have this lingering doubt/premonition in my mind that something may go wrong somewhere/somehow? I have a feeling this is directly linked to not being able to stop checking my phone, but I don’t know how to fix it. I want to put down my phone and feel better, eliminate this constant worry from my mind, but nowadays it’s getting harder and harder. Talking to friends and family helps but afterwards the feeling comes back again, and it just continuously bugs me. Another thing is sometimes my heart beats really fast when this sense of anxiousness comes back, and I just want a break from it, to calm down, to not worry about everything for once. I think a lot of it comes from doubt and stress from relationships, but I just want to feel better. I understand that exercise helps with regulating emotions, but recently I have been pretty busy too so there’s not much time left for exercising or going to the gym. I feel that getting some help from professionals or experienced individuals and having a conversation can also help. Does anyone have any tips on how to overcome this?


Hello @jinx thanks for sharing ! It sounds like you are going through a very stressful time adjusting to a new environment and new phase in life :disappointed_relieved:

I remember when I was starting university everything was so stressful like adapting to new systems trying to make new friends it can get overwhelming sometimes. For example I got so worried and frustrated when I realised I missed one of my quizzes although it was only 2% of the overall grade :sweat_smile: I think a lot of these thoughts piled on and I ended up deciding to go and see a councillor to organise my thoughts a little.

Also it can be difficult to find time to do hardcore exercise but maybe can try incorporating smaller exercises thru out the day like climbing stairs or alighting 1 stop earlier and walking home with your phone turned off its not going to help you lose weight fast but being consistent can help in the long run :muscle:t2:

Hmmm just curious what are you checking your phone for ? Is it notifications about school or friends ?

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Hi @jinx

Thanks for working up the courage to share about this. I would personally say that your subject line is VERY valid given how you’ve described what you’re going through – with your thoughts and feelings, and what is compelling you to do about it when you’re constantly worried. I’m also wondering whether with school comes with it a set of expectations, perhaps from those around you or yourself even?

There seems to be some thoughts (you mentioned, “something may go wrong somewhere/somehow”) and reactions (“feel antsy and stressed”, “heart beats really fast”), and this kinda puts you into some action that should lead to some positive outcome/relief (maybe like checking your phone and other things too?). I’m guessing this urge to check the notifications helps during the moment but what happens if you don’t engage in this? I think it’ll just make you more worried, right? This worrying feels like an unhelpful cycle that keeps getting more and more…and you’re like how do I just get out of it…

I also see that you wonder if this worry can be eliminated, cause that can definitely help with what’s going on. I wonder it’s fully possible to do that, I think that worrying, the kind that’s not debilitating or all-consuming still has some use, like making sure I keep a look out for real threats or letting me know that I’ve gotta do something about this anxious-provoking event? Maybe your worry has some sort of a function here? Did something happen recently? What about the notifications that you’re looking out for? What larger problem are you referring to?

Additionally, I can see you taking steps in the right direction – like reaching out, knowing the benefits of exercising, and, just trying to regulate your emotions. In the meanwhile, when things get a bit overwhelming for you, perhaps you can try this exercise in a comfortable and safe space as it helps to refocus on the present moment by shifting focus away from anxious feelings. You can also consider this list should you feel like giving professional assistance a try!

  1. Samaritans of Singapore (1-767)
  2. Family Service Centres
  3. James Cook University Clinic
  4. NIE Wellness Centre
  5. NUS Clinical & Health Psychology Centre

I think that it’s great that you want to work on yourself, and know that you deserve and can get the necessary support you need! Do keep us updated and take care! :slightly_smiling_face: