Anxiety new job

New job feeling overwhelmed. Pay is acceptable but the work is stressful. Half of me does not want to be confirmed and find something else but the other half is telling me to push through. Everyday i am just dragging my feet to wake up. Need some advise on this

Hey! Just wanted to say that I totally feel you, you’re definitely not alone in this. :ok_woman: It’s really not fun to wake up each morning only to be hit with a wave of dread.

Is there anything you can do or any colleagues you can talk to that may be able to help with the workload? Personally, if I’m feeling conflicted about something, I’ll try to list pros and cons of making each decision and see if the things I’ve listed under cons are within my control, i.e. if there’s anything I can do about it. If there’s not much that can be done, I’ll probably choose to leave. Perhaps that’s something you may want to try?

heyyy i think i felt like this before too>< especially when starting somewhere new… looking at the job you have right now as it is, is it something that brings you some intangible benefits apart from the pay? for example, you get some sense of fulfilment or satisfaction or it brings you closer to your goals in certain ways?
sometimes its really hard to differentiate when we’re having a really hard time whether or not isit because we’re out of our comfort zone or if the new job is really not suitable for ourselves. so i really find it useful to reflect on what im looking out for in the job, and find if there are alignment between that and what youre doing right now. at least in this way maybe there is more clarity in why youre doing what youre doing.
hopefully with some sense of clarity, the dragging feet to work feeling will slowly go away?
looking forward to your thoughts!!

Honestly the welfare and benefit is good. But it is really hectic. Maybe because i am new so it is something that i also kept in mind. I’ve only handled a portion of my scope and it is already driving me nuts. It is a good place to work but everything is dollars and cents and super competitive. Someone just got depression recently cause of the stress. It is not a toxic place but it is really really hectic. If i can learn to cope here then i believe it will bring value in the future. Experience wise.

Well i don’t exactly want to leave tbh. It is like the dream workplace in this industry. But it is anxiety inducing. Growth wise there is ways to grow in this company but it is not a forgiving environment. If i can adapt i know that the path for growth is there. But the stress thats the thing i have to learn and adapy.