Anyone wants to go ilight tonight?

yo lookin for some pals to join me at ilight tonight, it looks so pretty and fun! looking to make some friends too : )
would anyone like to join me at 6:30pm tonight? :relieved:

oh…I thought it ended on 26 June 2022?

Self-care post

  1. I would listen to music and relax or vibe to it. I would also play the piano and cross-stitch. These are all my hobbies and activities that I engage in for self-care.

  2. I would like to learn how to bake macarons as my new self-care activity.

  3. Self-care activities are important to me because, through those activities that I love and interested to do, I am able to spend time alone and have peace within myself. I am also able to heal my emotional and mental wounds.