Are You Thinking about Existential Issues?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been reflecting on the questions that many young people face today regarding their sense of self, purpose, and existence. It seems like existential issues among youth are becoming increasingly prevalent, yet often overlooked in discussions about mental health and well-being.

From grappling with questions about identity and belonging to processing the pressures of societal expectations, it’s clear that many of us are wrestling with existential dilemmas. Whether it’s feeling lost in a world that seems chaotic and uncertain or questioning the meaning behind our actions and choices, these existential concerns can deeply impact our mental and emotional well-being.

I’m curious to hear from others who may have experienced or observed similar struggles among young people. How do you perceive the prevalence of existential issues among today’s youth? And what do you think are some effective ways to support young people in working through these existential challenges?

Let’s open up the conversation and share our insights and experiences. Together, we can shed light on this important aspect of youth mental health and well-being.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


  1. Have you noticed an increase in existential concerns (like sense of self, purpose, and existence) among young people in your community or social circles? If so, what do you think might be contributing to this trend?

  2. How can we, as a society, better support young people in addressing and working around these existential issues in their lives?