Copycat? Or pure coincidence?

Hello, it’s me again, back for a rant. Also, I’m finally done with poly, so woohoo! This time around, I have another story/issue. I’ve noticed the change in behavior of my friend after I express my interest in certain things. She has never expressed interest in any of these things before. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many people in this world that could have the same things or same interests. But now, it’s annoying as it seems as if she’s trying to copy me.

It first started when I was reading a book in class, and she told me, ‘You make me feel like reading books again.’ So I thought, okay… maybe I’m inspiring her? I don’t know. I didn’t think much of it at the time. Next, I noticed that she would constantly ask which books I have and which ones I don’t, and I can see that she’s clearly trying to get the same books that I have. At the same time, I’ve never seen her read any of the books, and I’ve never heard anything about the books she bought.

I play the keyboard and piano and have been playing for 20 years. Yes, I started when I was 2. I quit the lessons due to stress and lack of sleep coming from other issues, but I’m still playing and learning new songs. This friend who used to play the piano quit when she was very young and has never played since. She told me, 'Now I feel like playing piano because of you.

She has asked me over 5 times what foundation (makeup) brand I use. She also asked me what facial care product brands I use. Later on, she expressed that she wanted to use the same brands that I mentioned. She asked me if they were good. I said they were good for me, not so sure how it’ll work on her because it may not work the same for everyone as we all have different skin types. So I thought, okay, maybe she doesn’t know much about such brands or whatever.

I have tattoos, not full sleeves though. My tattoos cover half of my left arm, my back, and I have some here and there on my right arm, as well as one on my leg. I got those within a span of a year. She told me, ‘You get so many tattoos now I also want one.’

I visited my brother last August in Melbourne. He’s always had a talent for solving Rubik’s cubes, any kind of complicated cubes you could think of. Long story short, he taught me how to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s cube first. Now, I can solve 8 types of cubes as I’ve been learning on my own. Earlier this year, in January, I started to bring some cubes to school to pass my time when there’s nothing to do, and my friend suddenly tells me, ‘Now I feel like learning how to solve a Rubik’s cube, it would be cool.’

One time I went out with her, and I wore a purple dress. Brooo, she has never liked purple. Her favorite color was pink. Mine is pink as well, and she knows. She’d usually buy pink items but wears beige-colored clothing. On the very same day, she asked if I liked purple, and I said, ‘Yeah, I do,’ I mean I had purple hair as well so :skull:… and now she says it’s her new favorite color. Okay, I thought maybe her favorite color has changed. She started buying purple clothing ever since.

Next, I love butterflies. I wear butterfly accessories (bracelet, necklace, hair tie, hair clips, etc.) and clothing. She asked if I like butterflies, and I said I do. I mean, it’s pretty obvious if I’m wearing all these butterfly accessories. Now, she’s always wearing butterfly earrings, bracelets, and clothing as well.

As for earrings, I rarely change mine as I can only wear pure silver/gold whatever. I can’t even wear those hypoallergenic earrings. I wear pure gold earrings. I have like 14 piercings so yes, I rarely change my earrings. And she asked where I bought mine. I told her I got mine from the gold shop. The next week I see her, she’s wearing gold coloured accessories.

I was in the midst of taking my bike license. I put it on pause due to the overwhelming amount of assignments I have. I didn’t tell anyone that I started taking the license. At one point, she told me her boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) wanted to take a motorbike license. She absolutely hated it; she said that it’s dangerous. Okay, sure. The guy liked cycling too, but she thought it was dangerous as well, and she told me she doesn’t like motorbikes & bicycles and doesn’t want him to engage in such things. Then I was like, ‘I mean as long as he knows what he’s doing and stays safe it’s fine.’ Later that week, I told her I’m taking my bike license. All of a sudden, now she likes motorbikes too :skull: okay.

Now she wants to apply to the same university, into the same courses :+1:.

Copycat? Or no?


Probably not a coincidence, feels like she wants to get closer to you haha. Maybe you’re an inspiration to her or something.

This is really cool btw! I only can solve the 3x3 one after watching so many tutorials.


Agreed ! Maybe she just look up to you in some way. But I think it might be good to communicate with her to better understand her motivations behind following your interests :thinking:

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Haha, it’s hard to believe that I could be someone’s inspiration. That would be flattering. And thank you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, I think I’m going to buy a 6x6 next.

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Aww it would be nice if she actually looks up to me, but personally it’s a little hard to believe because i’m usually stereotyped as an ‘ah lian’ :face_holding_back_tears:

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Maybe you’re better than you think haha. And let us know whether she really applied for the same uni course haha. I’m ready for more tea :teapot:

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Hi! She asked to come to my house on Wednesday. She brought her laptop along, and I saw her applying to the same university and same course.

I applied to three schools last year, and one got back to me for an interview. The other two are still processing the application. I went for the interview, and I got put on the reserve list. At least I’m not straight up rejected :melting_face: I might still have a chance.

I went for the interview on the same day as her friend. She kept on asking me if I received an email about the outcome of the application because she knew her friend received the email already. I didn’t tell her I was on the reserve list; I just said I didn’t check my email but she kept telling me to check. I ‘refused’.

The reason for not telling her is because she has a tendency of one-upping people, whether it’s intentional or not. Just trying to avoid that because that happened once and it frustrated me so much.

She does things that make me question whether she is a genuine friend.