do I have anxiety?

Ive been very exhausted and unable to cope with the amount of effort required in life. As I get older, things just get worse. Distrust in people, situations, and religiously maybe even god at times continues to grow. All situations in life just seem to be leading down a scary path. I feel scare dover the samllest things, I really cannot coe with too many things at once. When i feel overwhelmed, i just stop thinking. I dont know what to do. Life just feels like a labrynith of complexities, neverending and always punishing. Im not saying every day is a misery. Everyone experiences ups and downs, but since last year, its just been down for me. Im not saying that every day ss torture and I have a horrible life, and I really do not want to feel o overwhelmed all the time, but it just happens. I always feel scared to express my emotions completely because I just feel like im exaggerating or lying. But in those moments where everything seems bleak, I dont knowwhat to do. It become too frequent. To make it worse, I thnk I’ve been having panic attacks. That to at the dumbest things, like not being being able to finish homework or topics. I cant breathe, I cannot think I cannot get out of these states of mind once I start panicking about something. I feel so scared about everything, I just want to lean on somebody and be calm, but thats not happening. And I know everyone goes through so so much, but I dont understand how to cope with the fear, the anxiety at every single thing. I just want to stop feeling like this. When I start thinking about something, So many other things and fears just start pouring in and i give up. My room has ben in a perpetual mess, I want to clear t up, buy i cant bring myself to do it. I want to be happy and calm, but I cant, i dont know why. The moment school, its extreme long hours mountains of homework and revision start, do not even have tie to breathe. I am at a stage of life where I need to figure oit my future plans, bit when I sit down to do something about them i give up. I dont know what to do anymore, I give up


Hi @rakshhh

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your struggles, and I’m truly sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way, but I appreciate your courage in expressing these emotions. It sounds like you’re going through a really challenging time, and it’s completely valid to feel overwhelmed by the complexities of life. Your feelings of exhaustion, fear, and anxiety are very real and valid, and I want you to know that I’m here to support you.

It seems like the burden you’re carrying has become too much, impacting different aspects of your life. The fear of expressing your emotions is common, and I want to encourage you that it’s okay not to have all the answers right now.

You mentioned experiencing panic attacks, which can be distressing. Have you considered reaching out to a mental health professional who can support you? They can help you explore coping strategies and work through these overwhelming emotions. For example if you’re in a school setting, you can actually approach your school counsellor to discuss these feelings and find ways to cope. There are also nearby Family Service Centres which have in-house counsellors to help guide you along the way. Otherwise, you can also try out these online platforms to speak to a professional about your struggles.

Additionally, taking small steps to address the clutter in your room or other tasks might seem insignificant, but it can have a positive impact on your well-being. It’s important to be gentle with yourself and celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small.

It might also be helpful for you to practice relaxation or mindful breathing whenever things feel like they’re out of your control. Most importantly, it will be best for you to reach out to a counsellor soon so that you can work on these issues together and help you get to a better place.

Do let us know what you’ve decided to do, and share with us how you’re coping for now. We’ll be here to support you. Hear from you soon.

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