Embarking new responsibilities

Hi, may domestic aunt is returning to India tomorrow and since I’m going to be adult, doing chores can be a big responsibility. Do I need to juggle between housework, my hobby and school projects? It may be kinda stressful…

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Hi @kartingale175 , thank you for your question. Change can be overwhelming and cause anxiety. I can imagine that transitioning into adulthood can be scary because there are so many added responsibilities to take on and there never seems to be enough time for the things you enjoy.

Thinking about everything you need to do all at once can be overwhelming, so let’s break them down into smaller tasks and allocate time for each activity. For example, if you allocate 1 hour a day to doing chores, 2 hours for your school project, then you’ll have the rest of your free time for your hobby. Of course, you can allocate as much time as you think you’ll need for each activity and feel free to try out different timings to figure out what works best for you!

You may wish to try out this exercise (https://mindline.sg/youth?wysa_tool_id=organize_tasks) to help you with organising your tasks. Whenever you need a break in between activities or if things start to feel overwhelming, focusing on your breathing can be a quick and effective way to center yourself. Here’s (https://mindline.sg/youth?wysa_tool_id=breathe_deeply) a breathing exercise that you could try.

I hope this helps. Take care and I wish you all the best!

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