Everyones adulting to quickly

im reaching the age of being considered an adult but i feel i dont really know what im doing. i hear from many different groups about things like investments and insurance meanwhile here i am just tryna enjoy school life


You’re not alone. I guess many of us also don’t really know what we’re doing. It’s important to take things at your own pace and prioritize things that you really enjoy.

Insurance and investments are important but I think it’s alright to take your time to learn about it. I feel it’s better to learn slowly than to rush into things and make costly mistakes.


I understand how you feel. Even though my friends don’t really talk about investments and insurance, I would still see them being like adults. But at the end of the day, we are still running our own race. So just enjoy your school life to your fullest.

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hi there, i totally relate, and it’s crazy how some of my closest friends are planning on settling down already! like you, i always feel like i don’t have my life together whenever my friends talk about “adulting” topics

but i always ask myself if I really wanted to live my friends’ lives- if their lives were the type of life i wanted for myself. and i realized that im much happier crafting my own path and doing what’s best for myself in this moment in time. there isn’t a rush to grow up, and we have our whole adult life to experience true “adulting”. so i would say try to enjoy your youth as much as possible, before it truly goes away! everyone’s going at their own pace too, you’ll learn the things you need to along the way, and it really doesn’t matter what speed you go at, as long as you’re contented + you’re doing the best for yourself!


hi there! there’s definitely nothing wrong with enjoying school life! as someone who experienced being out of school and working ft for more than a year, there are many adults that are just “winging it” too :sweat_smile:
I’m sure you’ll pick up this stuff in due time, and there’s no need to feel pressurized at all. however, if you do wish to learn more, there are tons of resources on the internet available, some by our local banks. there are even those that cater to youths like us!
wishing you all the best, and please continue to enjoy school life! :slight_smile:

Hi, so like, I turned 18 a while back, and to be absolutely honest, I don’t feel like it’s any different. I’ve heard my parents talk about insurance and stuff as well, but I can’t seem to bring myself to listen to it entirely. So I’m just taking it one step at a time, and trying not to confuse myself.

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There’s a whole section of resources on money management on youth mindline if you’re interested! @Someone

Hope this helps!

i resonate with this so much i feel like I’m not ready to become an adult lol. I understand not everyone has their things in order and figured out and you arent alone. Societal pressures is one of the contributing factors.It is important we make sure that our voice is louder than outside noise (if you know what I mean) cause the louder the noise lesser our noise will get. Just make sure you are doing what you like and feel like doing ( good things lol) and just make urself a priority no one has gone through the same life as u did although people can relate with some of ur experiences no ones life is identical so just choose what u think is best for you and have fun experiences. Do things when u are ready ! Good luck :slight_smile:

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