Everything so awkward

Why do I feel everyone is ignoring me? I can be waving at a group of people from my class but all they wave to is the person beside me. Are they intimidated by me, or do they not like me?


Hi breadchan! I think this must have been hard on you, especially when you try to make the effort to interact with others. Perhaps you can share more, does this happen regularly? And how do you cope with it?

hello! yeah^ would it be possible to share about the frequency of such situations occurring? do you and your classmates interact well in/ outside of class? how do you get along with other classmates as well? :0

I’m not sure if I completely relate/ understand your situation, but sometimes that happens to me too, and i cringe out of awkwardness thinking about it haha! but i try not to think too much about it, because i realised I probably do that to other people too, without knowing. most of the time i tell myself that people around me don’t really care about me that much- they are too busy caring about themselves :^)

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This happens quite often and it really makes me feel like an outsider. I think I’ve tried to join a group of people and got rejected too many times that even when I try to be nice and wave at people, they just never look at me. I’m torn between trying to socialise and completing shutting myself away from people. I don’t cope well, I just keep wondering if there’s something wrong with me.

Hello breachan, kit here, and I want to assure you that you’re not alone in this. When people seem to ignore us, maybe it’s us overthinking at times. If you don’t mind me sharing my personal experiences, I used to be alone in secondary school as well, and felt insecure. I would like you to know that you shouldn’t blame yourself, nor isolate yourself from others when you feel ignored. I think you should try to approach them if you’re comfortable with it. I hope my reply would be of any help to you, because I know how it’s like to be alone, and seeing others together… It makes me wonder if it’s OK that I don’t really hang out with friends, since I genuinely enjoy being alone after feeling anxious around people