February Weekly Challenge #1: Go on a social media detox for one day this week!

Is your social media usage through the roof? Is social media affecting your self esteem and overall wellbeing? :selfie::roll_eyes:

If you feel like social media has taken over your life, or that you constantly reach for your phone, it might be time for a social media break :bubbles: :woman_in_lotus_position:

For a day this week, try:

  • Logging out/ deleting your social media apps :no_mobile_phones:
  • You can even temporarily disable your social media account if you’re really serious about this detox! :mobile_phone_off:
  • You can detox with a buddy, or have a friend keep you accountable :women_with_bunny_ears: :dancing_men:
  • Instead of spending time on social media, talk to the people around you :speaking_head:, or spend some time clearing your to-do list :clipboard:

Did you manage to get through a day without using social media? How did it feel? Would you want to continue this social media detox? We would love to hear about how social media (and the lack of it) impacts your life! :thought_balloon:

Feel free to also check out this Ted Talk on social media’s impact on your mental health!

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This week was a busy week for me, so I wasn’t really able to open my social media apps. I had project submissions and presentations to do, which took up most of my time. I did turn off all my social media notifications so I wouldn’t get distracted. I think this helped me to remain focused on the task on hand and not be distracted by Instagram posts or tiktoks.

I think it is hard for me to completely cut-off social media, but I think it would be good for me to spend less time on it.

cutting off social media is tough for me, but trying to do it for one day has been therapeutic! i think i would do this again when i’m feeling overwhelmed

It is tough turning off my social media because I cannot know what is happening real-time. With examinations and projects submission this week, I did not scroll through social media at all for one day, which helps me focused better on my tasks.

I have always recognised the negative impact social media has on me and I have always been interested in participating in a social media detox. I thought this weekly challenge was a perfect opportunity for me to do it.

I noticed some withdrawal symptoms in the morning. I almost instinctively reached out to my phone to open my social media apps when I wake up. It was hard to always remind myself that I was on a detox. Since I commute for at least an hour from home to school every morning, I usually scroll through social media to pass the time. During this social media detox, I instead read a book instead of scrolling through Instagram or Tiktok. Instead of being on my phone during lunch and dinner, I initiated fruitful conversations with my family and friends at the dining table, which I found very wholesome.

I think that this social media detox has allowed me to be more aware of my surroundings and connected me with others around me. In a way, social media has also created unhealthy expectations for myself, especially when I see other people’s achievements or daily lives. A day without social media has taught me to really cherish the moment and to live without any expectations on myself.

I tend to take some time off social media when I feel like there’s too much going on around me and it really helps because I feel less stressed seeing notifications from those apps.

cutting off social media has always seemed daunting to me but after trying it for one day i think it’s not too bad, would definitely give it a try again for longer hours:)

I’ve been starting to use social media less and less to be fully present in conversations with my loved ones so it wasn’t that hard to do this challenge but that really only applies to when I’m with someone :sweat_smile: when I’m alone I’d be glued to my phone. I can’t say I feel much of a difference though

I had some presentations this week so I didn’t manage to use my social media apps that much but I feel that social media allow us to take a break from our workload. I feel like it’s essential but we shouldn’t go overboard with the usage.

i think it’s difficult, but as i grew older, i also realised that i used social media way less compared to last time… for instance, i could sit on the bus and just stare out of the window for the whole journey, enjoying the view or just looking at other people…and i guess i also care less about social media, i post less and i’m not as compelled to post ig stories anymore… so while it isn’t easy to do a one-day complete detox, i think i have been detoxing gradually throughout the years :slight_smile:

it also means that i’m spending more time on myself and the peopl arnd me :smiley:

This past week had been very hectic so to be honest so in a way, I did manage to cut down on my social media use albeit unintentionally.

Coincidentally as well, one of my presentations this week talked about impact on parental control of adolescents’ social media use and I think that also relates to how in a way, our parents realises a need to lessen the time we need to spend on our social media in order for us to get back in track. Although of course done in moderation.

Due to family /people checking my phone I decided to delete apps and turn off notifications the only way I can see instagramm is via logging on a browser but browser has limited features hence I feel like the dependency of it has reduced . I am fine going off on Instagram for a day or so but cannot entirely cut it out ig although I don’t post anything I like to check out other people. I do like social media clenses and it feels nice to be honest not comparing urself to others and getting anxiety from it . It helps me to be present.

Almost went a day but failed by accident :sob: I’m not even getting paid for this

i didn’t manage to take a social media detox, though these past few days have been very busy and honestly i didn’t get to go on social media too often. I do have a few things on how i feel social media impacts our daily life!

  1. Comparing yourself to others. It’s no question that when social media gives us the opportunity to have a peek into someone else’s life, there will be things in another person’s life that make us jealous and envious of. It could be their looks or wealth. While this can be healthy to use someone as a gauge for ourselves, too much of this can be unhealthy for our mental health.

2)It can also be fun as we can make friends online!

not using social media for a day seems a bit hard for me since i rely on it quite often. however, i managed to set a screentime limit for social media apps so i was able to reduce my social media usage. it definitely helped me focus on myself a little more and i was able to be more productive. would definitely try to reduce my social media usage more in the future so that i become less reliant on it.

Its very hard for me to cut down on time spent on social media as it became a space where I destress by looking at things I like (food, nail design, news, etc). But it could also be the effect of me using social media for too long.

This week was a very busy week for me, so there wasn’t really a need to do a social media detox.

However, when I finally had the time to myself today, I found myself scrolling through social media to “escape” from work and also found myself feeling guilty for wasting the day away. I was glad to also give myself some time to reflect on why I felt this way, and I realised that I was scared of starting work because I was afraid I wouldn’t do a good job. :sweat_smile:

Perhaps a suggestion to counter this feeling if it happens again would be to find a healthier alternative instead of scrolling through social media to make my time more productive :cowboy_hat_face: