February Weekly Challenge #3: Move your body for 30 mins!

:bulb: Did you know that our body releases “feel-good” chemicals called :zap:endorphins :zap: when we engage in physical activity? The release of these chemicals help to uplift our moods :raised_hands: and can also reduce feelings of stress and anxiety :hot_face:.

Getting a workout everyday doesn’t have to mean going to the gym, or turning on an at-home workout. Today, try to just get your blood flowing by moving your body intentionally for 30 minutes. :sweat_drops:

Here are some ways to move your body for 30 minutes every day:

  1. Going for a walk :walking_woman: :man_walking:
  2. Stretch :woman_cartwheeling:
  3. Yoga :man_in_lotus_position:
  4. Cycle :biking_woman:
  5. Household chores :broom:
  6. Roller Skating :roller_skate:
  7. Swimming :swimming_woman:
  8. Dancing (it doesn’t have to be choreographed- just move your body however you want) :dancing_women:
  9. Jump rope :footprints:
  10. Stairs :ladder:

:arrow_right: What did you decide as your 30 minute activity? How did you feel before and after the activity?

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I decided to jog at the canal for 30 minutes. Before the activity, I felt very bored and stressed out as I did not move at all and stay at home all day. After the activity, I feel more relaxed and focused on myself. I am able to relieve my stress as well.

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