June Weekly Challenge #3: Get creative! 🎨

In a busy and STEM-oriented society like Singapore, it can be difficult to find time to do creative things… :pensive:

So take this week’s challenge as an excuse to unleash your creativity! :star_struck:

:point_right: Did you know being creative or engaging in creative activities can boost your mental health? It can:

  1. Increase positive emotions

  2. Lessen depressive symptoms

  3. Reduce stress

  4. Decrease anxiety

  5. Improve immune system functioning

We reach this state thanks to getting into a state of “flow” which slows our brainwaves and also release satisfaction-inducing chemicals. FInd out more here: https://mindline.sg/youth/article?type=resource&group=School%20%26%20Work&sub-group=Fulfilling%20Student%20Life&resource-id=417

So try to be creative this week in your own ways:

  1. If you’re someone who draws, try a different medium! :framed_picture:
  2. If you play instruments, try a new song! :musical_score:
  3. If you like cooking, try a new recipe! :cook:

The possibilities are endless, and remember, you define your own “creativity”, it can even be finding a new route back home. Goodluck! :star2:

Share in the comments what you’ve tried/what you’d like to try and spread that creativity.