June Weekly Challenge #2: Challenge your cognitive distortions!

Did you know we often fall into mental “traps” called cognitive distortions? :thinking:

Don’t worry though! This week’s challenge is all about challenging them :fist:.

Sometimes known as “ruminative thinking”, cognitive distortions creates a negative lens or filter in our lives, leading us to be unproductive or filled with anxiety. For example, because of our “all-or-nothing" thinking, we might assume that if we don’t get an internship, we will never find a good job in the future. This way of thinking leads to a negative state of mind and hinders us from making productive mental or physical action.

Luckily, once we recognize this way of thinking, we can counteract and challenge them! Look at the list of distortions and how to challenge them. Share with us your results and react to the ones you relate to! :hugs:


Learnt a lot through this! Super insightful read.
For myself I tend to catastrophise a lot, and I often think about the worst possible scenarios… It brings my mood down a lot, and I hope to change this!