Floater friend

how do I deal with being a floater friend?

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what’s a floater friend?

Hi @mafuuuu

Thanks for coming here to share your struggles with us. It must be hard feeling this way. I think it is not easy to feel that you are a floater friend and it feels like there could be a lack of connection between you and your friends.

Maybe you can start by identifying whether this is a trend in different friend groups or is it with a particular group only. If it is with a particular group, perhaps the group shares different interests or beliefs, thus the lack of connection. If so, you may want to try changing to a different friend group whom you can foster better connections with.

If you feel the same over different friend groups, would it revolving around any fears you have in terms of being open with your friends or any other concerns. I think it is helpful that you are evaluating this as it seems to be making you uncomfortable. Thinking about it can also help you gain a better understanding of yourself.

You may also consider thinking about what kind of friendships you would like to have and what are some ways you can do to achieve your desired outcome. It can be reflecting on what kind of people are you most comfortable with, or identifying with someone who shares similar interests and hobbies. This way, there would be common topics to share and increase the connection.

You can also try forming individual friendships within the group itself if it makes you feel safer. Sometimes, having 1 or 2 close friends can be beneficial as compared to being in friend groups. You can build deeper bonds and be more comfortable in such friendships.

I hope this is helpful. Do take care!