How do i end a relationship?

How do I end a relationship with someone because truly it’s me, not the other party?

I think after a year, I feel like we hit better off as friends. Furthermore, being together now makes me feel like it’s draining my cup faster than it should. I don’t feel excited or looking forward to seeing the other party, feels more like a burden.

Why is this suddenly happening?
How do I tell this to the other party without any miscommunication or saying “cliche” stuff on why I need it to end?


be honest.
be specific. give examples.
be respectful.

above all, get ready to be hated and to lose a friend.


It’s not easy to initiate a breakup and it’s probably harder to remain friends after the breakup imo. But if it’s something that is draining you, then I think you could be just decisive and honest with your partner.

Hi there @Matchastrawberry,

Thanks for coming on here and sharing about your relationship and thoughts of ending the relationship. It’s probably stressing you out as you head towards it. I hear that the attraction has kinda transformed more into a burden as you look to prioritise your wellbeing. Have you felt this way during the relationship? Or did something recently happen? I wonder if any of your shared interests with one another changed (to kinda answer your question on why is this suddenly happening?).

Next, I’m curious on the relationship you expect/hope to have with the other party after the current one ends? :thinking: Do you still want to stay in touch closely, hi/bye kinda friend, or returning to the friendship that you 2 used to have? The closeness and proximity of the subsequent relationship will probably guide you on what to say. Choose a suitable time and place where there’s minimal distractions to have an open and honest conversation, which means being in an open posture and listening attentively for both parties to feel heard, instead of thinking what to say next. Let each other have the opportunity to speak but ensure that it’s respectful (so that the other party can mirror a similar behaviour/stance as you). And as you express your thoughts and feelings in a helpful manner, remember to take deep breaths when you have the need to calm yourself.

Most importantly is to carry out actions that are guided by your values (things that are important to you or matter a lot for you) and to ensure you get what you really want hence being prepared (I guess planning for the worst but hoping for the best) when you both meet to talk. I hope things go well and do let us know what you think! Until then, take care! :wave:t2:


thank you, this was really helpful.


wishing you all the best!