How do I get enough energy to go through the day?

I feel like I have been going through my entire day being to tired to do the things that actually benefit me. In school, its hard for me to actually recall complex topics despite paying my fullest attention in class. And when I reach home I just ultimately end up lying down on my bed and scrolling through my phone for the rest of the day due to using most of my energy for school. I want to have more energy to work on the things that give meaning to me like drawing or studying or just anything that can improve my life currently. With O-Levels coming up to, I desperately need more energy for my academic improvement.


i feel this man, like having the heart to do more but body seems to not have energy for any more. i personally find it helpful to do self-reflections. to sit with myself for a while, say 30 mins, to do nth, but think and wonder what gives me energy. to listen to my mind and body without thoughts from external factors or expectations. im sure you have your heart in wanting academic improvement, the why is the question to explore. if you are able to think more and unravel more of that, you may find the right things to do to feel better in terms of your energy, or you may find the mindset you can shift yourself into to then feel more energetic!! just my 2 cents, hope it helps!!! at the end of it all, if you are deep down genuinely feel like you are doing your best, then kudos!!! hope it gets better and better for you!!


Hello @ZA_Flyer ! I’m in uni now and sometimes its diffcult to recall complex topics too especially theories which are too abstract and my energy too gets super drained :confounded:

One way I’ve come about to make things better is to set aside time to excersise ! That is my go to “Energy recovery” activity haha

Another way is to set a form of separation between where you rest and where you work hard. For example, in secondary sch and poly, I would set that home is strictly for resting and sch is where i put my 100% focus into studying and revision.

Hmm so hope this helps maybe you can consider what are some activities which help you regain energy :bulb:

Otherwise feel free to release some stress here we are here to listen :people_hugging:


Hi @ZA_Flyer,

Thanks for coming on and sharing about your struggles with fatigue that’s affecting your performance in school - it must be difficult trying to re-energise yourself, which I would imagine gonna be tiring too…

And with how your affected at school (difficulty with remembering complex topics) I wonder if lying down in bed is kinda a restraint collapse because you were so overwhelmed in school, you no longer want to hold it all together when you get back home (scrolling through your phone).

I also wonder when you said, “I want to have more energy to work on the things that give meaning to me like drawing or studying or just anything that can improve my life currently” - if what you’re feeling and experiencing is similar to anhedonia where you find it hard to feel pleasure from things that used to be enjoyable. Have you experienced this situation with school before? If yes, did something happen to have led you to feel this way? :thinking:

Your physical health is tied closely to your mental wellbeing so as much as you can work on increasing your body’s energy levels through regular exercises, healthy and regular meals, staying hydrated, prioritising restful sleep, engaging in relaxing activities, staying connected, etc. - you’ll also need to work on increasing your brain chemicals by being kinder to yourself, setting goals, focusing on positivity, and practising gratitude, etc.

I wonder if you’ve had the chance to share this with someone? Perhaps someone you feel safe with and can trust to help you - like your school counsellor - before it gets too overwhelming for you to cope with. Remember that you deserve and can get the necessary support you need. Hope to hear from you soon, until then - take care! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @ZA_Flyer sounds like you’re feeling drained and struggling to find the energy for activities that matter to you. Consider establishing a routine that prioritizes self-care, including sufficient rest, regular breaks, and physical activity. Setting realistic goals and incorporating short, rejuvenating breaks can help increase productivity and energy levels. Don’t hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or a mentor as you navigate through this challenging period, especially with O-Levels approaching. Taking care of your well-being is essential for academic success. Good luck, :yellow_heart:

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