How do I stop feeling emptiness and depressed for no reason.

My mental health is an on and off issue. I am currently on medication. My medication has cause me a weight gain which makes me feel depressed. I tried to stop taking my medicine but I feel unsafe when I never take it so in the end I take it. I tried to workout and take weight loss supplement but my weight hasn’t decrease. Sometime I feel helpless.

Sometime I really do feel a sense of emptiness and depressed. I went to the gym workout and I still feel depressed. I told my mum that I am feeling uncomfortable but she doesn’t want to listen to me. She keep saying find something to do. I already find things to do yet she still ask me to find things to do. Sometime I feel that I need to go to Imh a&e but I cannot get warded as I am currently have school.


Hi @user906
Have you brought this issue up with your doctor? Maybe can try and ask for alternatives?

I’m also sorry to hear that you’re mum doesn’t want to listen to you, do you have other support systems/ people you can turn to for support? Other family memebers, friends or even a therapist?

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Hi @user906

Thank you for sharing with us how you feel and some of your struggles. I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through such a challenging time. It’s a brave step to share your feelings here with us, and I commend you for your courage. Dealing with mental health issues, especially when medication side effects contribute to distress, can be incredibly tough - I can imagine how difficult it is for you.

It makes sense to feel emptiness and depression despite the efforts - and facing challenges with weight gain, is undoubtedly distressing. I think it is important to communicate your struggles, and I hear that you’ve tried reaching out to your mum. I’m sorry that you feel unheard, and it can be frustrating when those around us may not fully understand.

Considering the complexity of your situation, it’s advisable to speak with a mental health professional about your concerns, including the impact of medication on your mental well-being and the challenges you’re facing with your weight. They can provide guidance on how to manage these aspects effectively. Additionally, discussing your feelings of unsafety when not taking the medication is crucial, and a mental health professional can help navigate this concern.

Have you considered talking to a counselor or therapist about your experiences? They can provide a safe space for you to express your emotions and work collaboratively with you to explore coping strategies.

I understand that it might feel overwhelming sometimes, so please do keep these numbers and contact them in case of emergency or in case you find yourself in crisis:

In the meantime, I hope that you will use these resources to help you manage these feelings, especially when it becomes overwhelming:

Last but not least, managing emptiness is not just about filling our lives with things to do, but it’s about finding purpose. But in order to find purpose, sometimes we need to ‘declutter’ our minds and root issues before we can truly know what our purposes and passions are in life. This can be done when you speak to therapist, these professionals happen to be very good at “decluttering” our minds and lives!

Remember that you don’t have to navigate this alone, and seeking professional support is a huge and important step toward improving your well-being. Can you please keep us updated about what your next decision is, especially about reaching out for help? Also let us know how you’re coping. We’re here for you!

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