How to fit in poly life

I feel outdated when i enter poly. I see poly people wearing make up, dyed hair and dressing fashionably. People I meet in poly have gone through many experiences. Like they have a lot of knowledge on either games, books, movies, shows, food, travel, family. And people share their amazing experiences with me. But I have not experienced much of those and i have no experience in whatsoever to share about myself. I feel my life was not as fulfilling as theirs and I am lacking experiences.

I also feel the need to cope up with trends in poly, like good fashion. I am trying to not get devoured by trends

People in poly generally seem to be adjusting well into adulthood life. But I feel like I cannot move on in life because I pretty much have not experienced many important things


i do feel you but what’s important is to focus in self-growth and whatever that is meant to happen will happen

It’s ok not to follow the trends, since most of them would die down after the hype and move to another trend.
Maybe when those people share about their knowledge of games, books, etc. You could try and explore them, and who knows if you would gain interest in them.

heyy. there’s no need to follow such trends. You do you. Do whatever feels comfortable. I myself also wear similar clothes every week cus i like to be practical. Maybe if they like games or books and you have an interest in it, you can ask them to introduce it to you

Heyy, I know what you are feeling because I felt like that when I just entered poly. I felt like compared to other people, I looked super boring and out of style. But then poly workload came along and took my mind of this thing. But during the holidays, I thought about how I can dress myself so that I can be satisfied with myself. Sometimes it might feel as if people have their things together, but in reality we do not know exactly what they are going through with. So be yourself, do things that make you happy, wear things that make you happy. It may feel like your stuck at this part, but this will move on too. Hope you feel better! Jia you!


I would say that nobody around you would care about how well you know about certain things or experiences, most people are only concerned with themselves. don’t worry if you’re taking your time to experience things. don’t worry! i’m sure ure doing fine

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know that you aren’t alone in this and it’s ok to not follow trends as they all die out eventually. about the adjusting to poly life, it’s ok to take your time, it might be hard for now but push through!!

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Hello! I’m sure many people (like me) understand how you feel. I’m still struggling to keep up with everyone, but what’s most important to me is just being true to myself and not changing just bcos my friends are a certain way. It may not seem like it because people dont often share their struggles, but I’m certain that many of your peers are facing some of sort of difficulty as well. Don’t worry too much:)

No worries. I also feel the same too. You can just listen to them and also discover more about these topics at your own timing. If yoy have other interesting topics to talk about, feel free to share too. Other than that, do not be too jealous on their experiences and fashion. You can just follow your own way.

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