How to upkeep grades while striking a positive mental health?

As the title suggests, yeah, I’m worried about academics. I am still not accustomed to the GPA grading systems that IHL does, but I know that I can’t escape from it even if I dislike it. However, I have been trying to maintain a decent or close to perfect score for every quiz or assignment. It has been mentally draining and demanding for me as I realise that I often feel stressed out or pessimistic about my scores whenever it does not meet my expectations. How can I have a better approach to this and reduce my fixation on academics to improve my mental health?

Hi laserjet! I understand how you are feeling right now! The GPA grading might sometimes be perceive as much tougher compared to the gradings in secondary school because you have to do well for each module to maintain a decent GPA. However, do remember, that besides maintaining a good GPA, adding some form of exercises, spending time with your loved ones and having a break in between study sessions would certainly help to divert your mind from the stress you are facing right now. I believe that it will help to ensure that your mental wealth is in check as there is a balance between studies and “fun” times. In terms of quiz or assignment, I understand how you feel because I used to feel frustrated or disappointed when I did not do well because I know how it would affect my CA grading. However, I have build a new positive way of thinking differently such that if I don’t do well, I would learn from mistakes, and move forward to the next quiz to better improve myself and eventually aiming higher such as do well in ESE as I would not repeat the same mistakes! Having a perfect score for quiz is good, but if you not able to attain your intended marks, always take the setback as a form of motivation to study harder and smarter such as creating a schedule where it resonates to your timing. For example, if class starts at 9:15 am and ends at 4:00 pm, after school, set three hours for CCA or rest time, and continue to do work from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm with breaks in between so that you are more consistent and be always ready. Academics does not defined you as a person, as it the values imparted, the perseverance you gain from each challenges and the key learning points you achieved at the end of the day that defines you and this will bring you a long way till when you worked! It’s usual that human makes mistakes but it the positive decisions you make after each setbacks that is going to help you grow positively and achieve lots of success! All the best !

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Hey @Wira09Kurniawan, thank you for your reply. This has definitely helped me feel about and not find the GPA system that much of a chore and bother. Thank you for your suggestions which would greatly benefit me, hope things go well for you too. Cheers :slight_smile: !