I dont know whats wrong with me

I’m a joyful person and talkative but one day i just shut off. isolating myself from society and feeling insecure. I have tons of rest time, not so much classes, and a lot of opportunities to breathe outside but it does not really help me. it’s just like an escape and I found myself back in the dark. hurting myself. but I don’t know why. I’m not sad not happy. the worst thing is that I could not seek for help because i don’t what’s wrong with me. I just feel down. i watch YouTube laughing but then I zone out and fall back into a dark deep hole. i don’t know what’s wrong with me. please help me. I tried seeking for help but it did not work. please. Am i just faking all these things? Am i the problem? Why can’t I do my function properly.

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Hi @pibat

Thank you for sharing with us here on this platform, and I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through such a challenging time. It takes a lot of courage to open up about your feelings, and I want you to know that your struggles are valid. It sounds like you’re experiencing a range of emotions and thoughts that are affecting your well-being.

I want to encourage you to recognize that seeking help is a brave step, and reaching out to others is a sign of strength, not weakness. Sometimes, understanding what’s going on within ourselves can be complex, and having support can make a huge difference. If your previous attempts to seek help didn’t bring the relief you were hoping for, it might be worth trying again or exploring different avenues.

We don’t necessarily need to know what’s “wrong” with us before we seek help - the reason why we reach out for support is precisely because we do not know what is happening within us. Many of us go through similar struggles, and there are professionals and support networks available to assist you. If you’re comfortable, consider talking to a mental health professional who can provide support for you.

I encourage you to try reaching out to a Family Service Centre near your home, or speak to a mental health professional online first:

I also want to encourage you not to give up. Sometimes when we think that we have sought help but it does not seem to work, regardless of the reason, please continue to look for someone who can help you. I acknowledge that you are here seeking support, and we are here to support you but I would love for you to speak to a mental health professional who can help you truly become better :slight_smile: Please do consider reaching out to any of the options shared above, and do update us on how the conversation went.

Remember, your feelings are real, and you deserve the help and support necessary to navigate through them. You’re not faking anything, and you are not the problem. It’s okay not to have all the answers right now. Take small steps, reach out to those around you, and consider seeking professional help to work through these emotions.

Keep us updated, we’ll hear from you soon.