I get angry when people hate their parents

When people complain about their parents to me in a rude way, I get really upset and dont feel like talking anymore, be it friends or siblings. Thing is I can relate to what they are saying and sometimes agree. But my anger is instinctive and my response is to run away and feel nothing. Is this normal?


Hi @pumpkinflowers

Thank you for coming here to share your feelings with us. It must be hard feeling this way when people are sharing such topics with you. I appreciate that you admit that you sometimes agree with you and able to relate with what they are feeling, though it is difficult for you to listen.

It seems like you hold family values dear to heart and these are your beliefs. It is important to validate yourself for having such feelings. Perhaps that’s why you find it difficult to listen to people when they do not seem to appreciate their family. I want to assure you that it is normal to have such feelings because you feel strongly about certain things.

Maybe you can consider letting them know that while you appreciate them sharing, and it must be tough to deal with such situations; these topics are rather sensitive for you and you might not be the best person to provide them with the support they need. Do let them know that you are definitely open to support them with other areas of concerns, if you want to.

I am glad that you have good self-awareness and able to identify what triggers you. I hope this is helpful!

Thank you so much for your reply! This really helps and I appreciate it so much!!!

Hi @pumpkinflowers

I’m glad to hear it helps!