I’m different

I don’t have much friends but just only one best friend because I don’t like people when they’re doing something I don’t like such as if I’m doing this they forbid me to do, if things like this happen so many things with the same person then I started not to associate with them , I got quiet if I’m with the person I don’t like. Rather I would love being alone than working with team. I love trying to do something without someone help or instructions, I don’t like party or crowd, I don’t know how to make conversation with someone, is it alright ?


Hey there @san1 :wave: I think its okay to enjoy your own company heh everyone has their own social battery and its okay to not have such a high capacity for social interactions.

Personally, I need time to recharge after long hours of social interaction and I do enjoy doing things on my own like eating and building model kits. I also only have a few close friends which I confide in and I am happy as is :blush:

Usually if you are with your best friend what do you enjoy doing ?

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Oh I could not open up to my bestie if I do, they would call me a psychopath. I irritated so much when I heard it , quite often from my circle because I’m thinking differently , in dat moment I feel irritated, down and do some self evaluation to validate but I think I’m doing right In my own way. I know people have different perspectives but I feel down so easily in that moment.

As I could not confide to everyone, I just keep all to myself, including my sexual orientation. Hoo. Wish someone could understand me

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I think having just one best friend (or even none) is fine! Everyone has their own comfort zone so just make as many or as little friends as you want.

As long as you’re comfortable and can live your life normally, I think you’re alright. Job-wise, I’m sure you’ll find jobs that allow you to work in solitude (no frontline, customer facing jobs)

Is your preference to be alone affecting you in any way?

You can confide in us here, I hope you’ll find someone on this platform that understands you :smiling_face:

I really appreciate for help, that means a lot to me. Now I feel so much better than yesterday because of resources from this site but hope the responses here would expedite in the future soon. It take several hours to get answers for me

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Thanks for letting us know @san1! I’m glad we helped. I think the community here is still growing so we’ll definitely try and expedite our responses. If this has helped you, maybe you’d like to consider helping others on the platform too by sharing your perspectives and stories in the other threads? :smiling_face:

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Hi @san1,

First off, I’d like to apologise for this late response :bowing_man:t2: and I wanna commend you for having the self-awareness to come on here to reach out!

I think what you’ve shared are aspects of your personality that is aligned with your beliefs and actions - you prefer to have a small circle, being independent with work so you find yourself choosing one friend and skipping the crowd.

From what I hear, you value connection, independence and your abilities (and I think there’s more). What else do you think are your values? Perhaps you can note them down and give them some thought. I find that values can be a guide to help us live a life that is true to who we ARE and want to BE.

You shared about not knowing how to make conversation - can you share a bit more on this? I wonder if this happens to you in certain situations or with certain people? :thinking: You also mentioned the resources you discovered on this community - what are some of those that resonated with you? I’d be more than happy to listen and I look forward to your next post :slightly_smiling_face: Till then, take care!


Hi @san1 It’s absolutely alright to have preferences and enjoy solitude. Everyone has different comfort zones and ways of interacting with others. If you find fulfillment in being alone and prefer individual tasks, that’s entirely valid. Having one close friend is valuable, and quality matters more than quantity in friendships. If you feel content with your current social dynamics and activities, there’s no need to conform to societal expectations. Embrace your preferences and focus on activities that bring you joy and satisfaction. It’s important to prioritize your own well-being and do what feels right for you. Take care, :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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