I miss reading books

I miss reading books, but I haven’t read them in a while. How should I get back into it?


hey @imyanaocampo ! i personally am not a reader, but since u miss it, maybe u can pick it up again when u are free! u could start off with some books that u used to read :))


Personally, I really enjoy reading books. However, more often than not, I end up being too busy to read. I find browsing through book stores really therapeutic and I get really excited to start reading again whenever I buy a new book!


Hello @imyanaocampo ! You might want to consider e-books. NLB currently uses this great app called “Libby” where you are able to borrow e-books online with your library card. This app is great for me since it is much easier to carry around, and the borrowed e-books are automatically returned when they are due.
However, I do understand that there are some who enjoy physical books for a variety of reasons. To that, my advice would be to start small. A chapter per day could be a good start. Good luck!


What’s your favorite type of books to read?

Here’s a thread on novels suggestions in case you’re interested! Does anyone still like to read novels? - #3 by aiir

Is it a lack of time or lack of interesting books to read? Or is it more like no conducive environment to enjoy a book?

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I have similar problem. In a world where 7-second videos are a thing, reading just takes too much commitment and time. I got back to reading when I started waking up 1 hour earlier every morning.

I recommend this book: The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down.
It’s just a pretty and chill book to read :sweat_smile:


I feel you. Actually what do you think about book summary apps like Blinkist or getAbstract? I feel like it helps me reduces inertia to read because it’s a summarised version but sometimes I feel fomo that I’m missing out some key parts of the book too.

Hi Guys,

Back in 2022 i tried my hands at writing a Novella, A short 10 Chapter.
Its Titled " The Flute Underneath The Moonlight " On Amazon.

Its a About a Musician from Peru who fell in love with a girl but she died.
After her passing he took her tibia bone and made a flute out of it and played it when he is in grief.

It took me a few years - A decade actually to come up with a befitting story to continue this rarely heard of Folklore. There is twists and talk about mental health and i did the simple drawings. Also I added QR COdes to Youtube to the songs that is in relation to the book.

Not sure how to share the PDF copy yet but more than anything, as a writer i just want people to have a read and give feed back. I also wrote a story on how i recovered from Mental Illness called = The Hand Of Hope ( On Amazon )

okay then Have an awesome weekend guys :slight_smile:

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