I wish I weren't like this

I wish i werent me. I wish i werent so sensitive to feedback and constructive criticism. I wish i werent so self destructive. I wish I were a good person. If not is there any point in my existence?


Hi @okay I’m really sorry to hear that you’re going through such a difficult time. It’s tough when you wish for things to be different about yourself. Please know that many people struggle with similar thoughts but it takes courage to acknowledge these emotions. Consider reaching out to friends, family, or a mental health professional who can provide the empathy and support you deserve. There is hope for positive change and self-discovery, and you deserve support and understanding. Take care, :yellow_heart:


is there any reason why you would consider yourself not a good person? feel free to share if you’re comfortable, we’re all here to listen :slight_smile:


Hey there @okay,

I can sense that you’re really struggling with how you’re viewing yourself. Did something happen recently that’s got you thinking this way? Nonetheless, what you’re thinking and feeling is valid given what you’re going through. :people_hugging:

First off, would you be able to share more about “receiving feedback and constructive criticism”. I wonder if you were able to fairly validate and check whether what was said was accurate and presented in a manner that is non-judgmental and positive in providing actionable suggestions?

Next, you mentioned about being “self-destructive” - hope you can share more and that your actions do not put yourself in any harm or danger. If so, hope you’re able to seek support from someone you trust just to keep you safe for the moment.

Sometimes, the language we use to describe ourselves, though well meaning in the first place - to drive/push ourselves- can still sound harsh especially when our coping is reduced due to being overwhelmed. Being able to put some distance would be helpful at this point. It could sound something like, “It would be great if I could do things or actions in line with what or who I perceive as admirable” - this separation can help to promote a more rational and less negative emotional view about what happens to us.

It will also be helpful to remember to guide your actions to be aligned with what you value and place a high level of importance- that could look something like I value achievement and so, “I give my best and if I fall short it doesn’t mean I’m not good, rather the outcome was not what I wanted.”

Also, it would be helpful to try some of these practices to help with the distress and to reduce overwhelming feelings:
• Being mindful
• Being kind to yourself
• Shifting (to a more helpful) perspective

Hope to hear from you. Until then, do know that you deserve and can get the necessary support you need, yeah. Take care! :slightly_smiling_face:


I always ruin friendships bevause of my own problems. I can never stick around for others. Theres a lot more but im tired to list it

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Hi @okay

I’m sorry to hear about what you’re feeling towards and about yourself, it definitely seems like there’s a lot of deep seated unpleasant emotions that you’re experiencing. I’m wondering if you’ve ever shared with anyone about how you feel towards yourself and if so, what were the responses you’ve gotten?

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I only shared this with my school counsellor. She surmised that I am afraid of being a bad person. I felt numb/ neutral. To be honest, I dont know

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i think it’s quite normal to feel unable to handle other people’s issues when you’re dealing with your own :slightly_smiling_face: have you brought this up with your counsellor?

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Not yet. Sometimes I think it would be better if didnt exist at all

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Sounds like you’re being self-protecting which is human nature I guess. The best kind of friendships imo are those that are low maintenance - which means you don’t need to always stick around. You can disappear for months/years and reunite later just like you never left. Those are the friendships that will stand the test of time.

But back to your original post

If you wish you weren’t you, who did you wish you’d be?

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