Is this normal? I cant remember things.

Hi, saw this through a platform and I have decided to write down my thoughts. I’ve been thinking if what I am feeling is… normal?

Im in my mid 20s and I have realised quite a few years back that I cant really seem to remember things that I do. You can say my memory space is probably a week old and I cant seem to remember details/any memory that I’ve made. Its either pretty vague or in bits & pieces.

If someone ever ask me how am I like when I was young, I cant remember anything. I just find myself speechless and I cant seem to produce an answer. What about Primary School? Honestly only just 1/2 incidents that was pretty impactful in a negative way. I had school trips, but I remembered nothing.

What about Secondary School? Honestly not much and I had a date back then. I find myself not remembering much about us anymore because we barely did anything new together. I find myself losing memory as days goes by.

Poly? Honestly not much either. Just bits and pieces and some impactful things that was negative as well. Most of my memories that I remembered are those that hurt me in a way or another.

Even those I finished Uni for about 2 years now, I cant remember much and really it is what it is. It felt like I didnt live for this long and life just past by and I only remember things that impact me in a bad way.

I tend to take a lot of photos and videos because that is how i try to remember things or at least refresh what I have done.

Is this normal? I just hate it when someone asked me if I remember this or that, there is nothing that came up to my head like I wasnt there at all. Sometimes I still have to act like I remember, which I dont at all.

Is this actually normal? Or is there something wrong with me? :’)

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Hi @justlost

First of all, thank you for sharing your thoughts and struggles here on this platform. I want to acknowledge and commend you for reaching out and sharing your feelings and experiences so authentically. It takes courage to express what you’re going through and I hear that you’ve been grappling with concerns about your memory, and it’s understandably causing you distress.

It’s important to recognize that your feelings are valid, and you’re not alone in seeking answers. Memory concerns can be complex, and there could be various factors at play. It’s brave of you to reflect on your experiences and try to understand them better. It is also actually a pretty common experience for most people (even myself!) to forget a lot of things from our past.

Some people may seem to remember or have clearer memories of their past, but there are many who cannot remember specific details or happy memories too. My sense is that it’s likely because there’s nothing too big or impactful that happened in the past to remember it clearly. Personally, even when I see photos of my childhood (both happy and bad memories) I still cannot recall those experiences + feelings, but it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong :slight_smile: It’s common!

But yes, while I’m not a substitute for professional evaluation, I encourage you to consider speaking with a healthcare professional or a mental health professional who can provide personalized support and guidance about this memory issue. They can help explore the factors contributing to your memory experiences and work with you to develop coping strategies or interventions.

I just want to let you know that it’s okay to seek help, and there are professionals trained to help you on this journey. Please take care, and feel free to share more if you find it helpful. We’ll hear from you soon!