March Weekly Challenge #1: Indulge in an activity from your childhood

When was the last time you played hide-and-seek :see_no_evil:?
How about the games, “Heart-Attack :anger:”, “Chopsticks :point_right: :point_left:”, Thumb Wars :+1:, or “Za”? Or did you use to role-play as restaurant owners with your friends/siblings? Or make sandcastles :european_castle: with buckets on the beach?

:arrow_right: One day this week, indulge in your favourite childhood activity- either by yourself, with your family members, or with friends!

What did you choose to reminiscent and re-visit? How did it feel revisiting these moments from childhood?

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4/5 Stones, paper dolls, pick-up sticks, monopoly, happy family card game, aeroplane chess board game, playground e.g. swing, see-saw; and badminton, etc. I could still play these activities with my kids now and at the same time share vague memory of these moments from childhood with them! Indulge in these childhood activities and running through our childhood photos can bring me joy. Our childhood is the most precious time of life that is irreplaceable. Feels bad that our children nowadays have so much homework (offline/online) to do i.e. lesser time to play!

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I played traditional games like 5 stones and chaptek during my CCA. I feel that I am a child again and this boosts my happiness and positivity in myself.