March Weekly Challenge #2: Write out what you need less of in your life

:thought_balloon: Do you ever find yourself getting overly-attached to physical objects (material goods), superficial ideas, or even people that aren’t good for your mental health?

Today, just carve out 5-10 minutes to think/ write out what you need less of in your life. :memo:

Perhaps it’s:

  • Responsibilities/ tasks that you can say “no” to :no_good_woman:
  • Time-wasters/ distractions (eg. Social media) :no_mobile_phones:
  • Junk/ unhealthy food :hamburger:
  • Sugar :cookie:
  • Needless drama/ conflict :dotted_line_face:
  • Self-resentment/ self-doubt :fearful:
  • Impatience :hot_face:
  • Procrastination :sleeping_bed:

Share 3 things you want less in your life. How do you think you can slowly get rid of them from your life/ habits?

If you’re having some difficulty detaching yourself from objects or people, try this short, 5-minute exercise that teaches you how to gain a new perspective! :eyeglasses:

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I want to be less hectic during submission periods so that I can have sufficient sleep for the next day. I can schedule for meetings slightly earlier in order not to be too rushed and hectic before deadlines. I want to be less impatient and anxious. I can think slower and calm myself down by doing peaceful activities like deep breathing. I want to have less overly reliant on my studies and grades. I can set a maximum duration for studying and take frequent breaks in between such as evry 2 hours 30 minutes break.

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Less toxic and rude people

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family bullshit, people drama, less financial worries, less health concerns

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