my social battery is draining really quickly

nowadays when my friends ask me to go out with them for meals or even just to meet up, i’ve ben feeling more lethargic and unwilling to go out and meet them because i cannot seem to find it in myself to drag my body out of the house to meet them and i get tired + bored easily during conversations. is this normal?

Hi @cupnoodles, it does seem to be affecting you quite a bit. Maybe a good quick check if it has occurred for more than 2 weeks? A persistent low mood/ interest may require you to look deeper into.

To help you gain a little more clarity on what you might be experiencing, you might want to try out the self assessment on mindline ( also. You may consider having a deeper conversation with a school counsellor or a mental health professional (eg. from Fei Yu, Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH) etc).

Fei Yu does have an online chat which you can also explore: - Fei Yue

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