Need to talk to someone

i need someone to talk to, to get things off my head. don’t think i’ll ever be good enough for someone

Whats up, bro or sis?

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Do u mean nv good enough for anyone in the relationship perspective?
If so, pls dont think this way.
I used to be like that before i got married.
I turned my compassion into love.
After marriage, i felt i am being shortchanged. I compared my life before and after… frankly, i think i am best when i am on my own. I feel these guys dont deserve me.
We should not let others dictate how we look at ourselves. We should be proud of ourselves and not wait for others to give us the assurance.
Now… i felt i deserve better
Many could see how much i deserved… and that how good i was all along till now…
If i can turn bk time, i choose to be MYSELf. I should have listened to my own instincts

Pls dont belittle yourself
You are what you are
They are nobody to tell u that ur not good enough or even let u think this way